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 Save-Point Community Game
i have to disagree with your add-on, C1 was already dead so he couldn't see anything.
i didn't specify what happened to him, so that it could be explained however you guys wanted later in the game.
anyway, since this is a community game and just for "fun">.< you can do as you like iwth what i have added Very cheery
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I did say he saw hell, not lively scenery. Anywho, anyone can write what they want. I'm just acting as director and director the scene to where I envision it with everyone's input.
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Im good with music and sound.I can do alot of art but I have a set style and its hard to bend.
as for music however I have an ear for sound and can make up music that fits anything.

Every game needs sounds to.And why use the basic sounds?
I can do that too.I got four different mics for recording.
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sounds awesome. I'm going to start working more on a storyline pretty soon. If everybody can put up samples of what they're doing, then we can start getting a "Community Style" started, so we can match up. I will also be starting an actual game thread for this at the beginning of the year so that we can get it on. Also going to start an IRC after we have a name for the game.
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ok cool,Ill need to know the story in order to make appropriate music cues and sounds.
So I'll check often enough.
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Once you have info and the project gets going I'll do some music too. There's no point doing any music until we have a story and characters though.
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Quote:OK, as of now, my idea is that I really wanna make a game with an Anti-Hero. I'm thinking that the main character could start out as a good member of society, even possibly a super productive member of the town (this would give opportunity to small community quest such as find mushrooms and all the good shit). Then his family (or whole village) is killed by an invading army which practices genocide and is purifying the world of "The Impure." This would pretty much be in the same concept as the Nazis versus, well, anybody not Nazi. Being left the only one alive, the anti-hero is pretty much emotionally killed and feels that the whole world is already dead. He then goes on a hell bent quest to kill all the "Nazis" and takes out anyone or anything in his way. Along the way, he becomes more and more powerful as he begins to forget why he is even on this quest, until, eventually, he becomes the monster that he was so eager to eradicate, making the world as empty as he feels.

LOL, for me it was a description of Kratos from God of War.

Well, I made a little intro that I think you'll like.

"In the world of Ethernia, two races co-exists. Humans and Beasts. The humans command all the Beasts in Ethernia, because they have fear of battling. But it was like that centuries ago....
Beasts and Humans were in war to decide who will possess Ethernia's control. After a lot of bloody battles, the Beasts were winning. But the Humans used their last breath to use a unknow power. A Black Magic that devasted the battlefield consuming not only Beast's souls, but Human's too. After this fact, know like "Black Fury"(Or other ugly name), the Humans won the war, and reigned in Ethernia. The Beasts are used on secondary works, like manage farms, and strenght based works. But after a inconsequent order to vanish a Beast Village, a fearless revenge will start, and corrupt a soul seeking to kill the responsables for his family death."

Basic, and kinda confuse. My primary language isn't english, sorry. As for a graphic base, we could use the the Final Fantasy Tatics style, to the faces design. Something like that: (Sorry for the draw, I'm without my brushes for the tablet.)

[Image: beast.png]

Best Regards
[Image: YSZsD.png]
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lol its ok I still draw primarily without my tablet(Its to small and I lost my software for sensitivity so it just draws even while hovering over it)

Nothing can replace pencil and ink
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Updated the first thread with the written collaborated storyline. Still needs to be edited, so I don't wanna hear anything about grammar probs.
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