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Spell Detection
Chapter III

Cheesie James

Nevermind, my dear readers. I was not awake when I thought that I had a female guest at home. Crap happens you know. Now do not blame me for it. Really, I did not plan it at all. Seriously!

“So you had a weird dream, didn’t ya, Kyonides?” some weak voice said all of sudden.

“Who is it? I don’t remember I had any kids so tell me how did you get in?” I had to inquire of him.

“How did I sneak in? He, he. Just look at me! I’m a mouse, that’s what we do the best!” a slightly fat rodent told me then.

Right, I got to be kidding you! How is a mouse supposed to be talking to me like he did a while ago? It is impossible! Probably I am insane already after only sleeping for about a couple of hours in the last week. Yeah, I hate myself. Don’t say it! I am not like Brad, I am a great guy. At least that is what I think…

“Yes, I can talk, Kyo!” he remarked unexpectedly.

There he was, a four legged wretch standing on his rear feet as if he owned the table. Man, I am now suspecting it is a terrible idea to fall asleep on my comfy couch. What a strange day this is!

“So how do you explain this? In this world mice can’t utter a single word but you speak as if you’d be living down here for several years” I commented out of curiosity.

Instead of replying immediately, he scratched his right ear as if he did not know the answer I was looking for. His tail waived like a pencil trying to write something on paper. Nah, he got to be nervous and nothing else, right guys? I really hope he is not scratching my wooden table!

From a Far Away Land

“This would be the very first time I’m able to hold a conversation with a human being so I find it quite disturbing as well” the mouse continued. “Err, that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn your language. You know, I’ve been living in Maryland my whole life.”

What a surprise! He is a Marylander, as if I ever needed to deal with another furry being living near Washington DC. Hurrah…

“Hey! Don’t be so disappointed! I’m a nice partner anyway” the critter yelled.

“Oh really? Who said I was in need of a partner? I’m a writer so I don’t see why I’d ever ask anybody to pass by for no good reason. And this is especially true for mice!” I fiercely pointed out.

“Don’t be a moron! I’ve come here for a good reason indeed!” he insisted.

“What reason is it then? To be a pest? No thanks, I’ve got a darn cat jumping on my roof every other night. Yeah like the very same one that made that loud noise just recently” your servitor exclaimed while in a bad mood.

“Did you say a cat!?” he shouted showing me how nervous he was already.

“Oh yeah! It’s a gray striped cat, you might like to meet her” I continued. “I nicknamed her Mommy for she’s always pregnant or looking for a new lover. Perhaps she’d better date a white or grayish mouse I know…”

“Stop right there, Kyo! I don’t wanna hear it!” my guest complained about my suggestion.

“Why? You’d become best friends in no time” I had to convince him of giving her a chance.

“Let’s just forget all about her, please!” a shaking mouse once said.

“Fine, mouse! Tell me why are you here and when you’re gonna leave for good” I informed him.

Even if he once said he could speak English fluently, he was taking his good time to come up with a decent explanation for all this rodent madness. Was I having a dream inside another dream?

“As far as I know” he started explaining “I was told to get ready to travel to a distant place. At first I thought they were talking about some fun trip to New York or Miami. Then I was told by the weird voice that I’d become a plane traveler and one of the first things I had to do once I had arrived to my destination was telling you my name.”

“Huh!? Why’d I ever need to get your pet name?” I questioned him.

“I told you I’m not your pet but your partner, Cheesie James. At your service!” the critter unveiled.

“So now that you know my name and you revealed yours, what’s next, Cheesie?” I wanted to know.

Once again, he was thinking about it for a couple of minutes. It seems he is not the cleverest mouse of the pack, don’t you think my friends?

“It’s hard to remember for my head’s still dazzling so could I have some birch beer? I’ve not had any drink since I left last night” James requested.

Now it was clear, he was just looking for a way to snatch some refreshing birch beer! What a rodent thief! Gladly, I had none for I never drink that crap. It would have been easy to hand over some lager beer or cola instead but I seriously doubt a mouse should ever taste any of those beverages. Would he become diabetic in no time if he ever sips some cola?

“What about some linden tea? I think I’ve got enough bags as to share one with you, my little friend” I suggested knowing he would reject my offer at once.

“Err, water will be fine then, I guess” CJ quickly answered.


I stood up unwillingly and went to straight to the kitchen. After serving him some cup of water and a cracker, he had some and felt relieved enough as to recall what was his true mission. That or he was simply a excessively glutton mouse as his appearance had suggested from the very beginning. Since when am I expected to be that nosy rodent’s butler?

“I think I now remember it!” the cheese eater claimed. “The voice said I was supposed to be your familiar or the like. I don’t know what that means so don’t ask me how does it work.”

“Well, a familiar is supposed to be some sort of spirit that follows its master everywhere and that’s not something I’d ever allow here!” I had to protest then, showing him my deep concern there.

“Don’t get mad at me, bro! I’m just helping you stay connected to that dream you had a few minutes ago, or that’s what I think” Cheesie James elaborated on his task at hand.

“I guess this means that the connection between worlds might be dropped unexpectedly just like internet connection does every other week thanks to those darn sun flares” I suddenly reacted.

Who might have sent him to our world? Why was that stupid dream that important? Or should I ask why Brad has not show up in my living room as he usually does? This is quite intriguing indeed. OK, he could have been just another integral part of that weird dream anyway…

The Phone is Ringing?

There was the phone, ringing thrice in a row before turning off the screen. Wait a second guys! That means that fifty year old librarian is desperate to talk to me! No, wait another moment. Nah, I am not Brad so that is impossible, right my dear readers?

An alert, that means she has sent me a text message. Now I am sure about it, that was the ringtone Brad had assigned to his beloved librarian! Am I getting nuts out of the blue?

Obviously, I had to pick up the phone and read the message at once. My suspicions were correct the whole time! She had contacted me I do not know how! She even dared to confess that I was handsome unlike our common friend Brad. That crazy cougar is not jealous of Jaelynn, is she?

“Cheesie James, you know, I no longer think you’re any otherworldly link of sorts but a voracious spy for sure! You definitely work for that lunatic librarian!” I asserted in no time.

“What do you mean, Kyo? Why do you think so?” he demanded an explanation.

“First of all, how the hell did you know my name? I never introduced myself so how did you figure it out on your own?” I soon inquired of him.

“You almost scared the hell out of me, Kyo! Well, that’s easy to explain, the voice told me a bit about you, the amateur writer I’m supposed to assist here. I also learned a bit about that guy named Brad, you know.”

Up to this moment he seemed to have a few answers for some of my questions. Still, I badly needed to find out who the hell is the so called voice that sent him to my place. I doubt that he might ever have a clue on what his mission is all about for he is easy to manipulate if provided with enough water and food to consume like crazy.

“Now I’m afraid of getting asleep ever again! How great! There’s dementia already waiting for me out there!” I spitted out of rage.

“Wow! Wait a sec! You do need to sleep, my friend! We both depend on it!” James retorted.

To be continued... Confused year probably!  Tongue sticking out
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