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 Politics 2015
I came across this image macro today.

[Image: original_zpsmnauvfww.jpg]

Oh man, I just fell out of my seat in shock...

[Image: 17375487760152929851_zpsrntbbuxn.jpg]

^Oh god no, don't troll me with that D:

I'd probably vote for a Republican if they seemed sane, but the party is offering way too many crazies for this upcoming election, while Democrats are offering Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Clinton I'm not too sure about, it's a big "maybe", but, but... BENGHAZI!!!!!! E-MAIL GATE!!!! Sanders seems like an alright guy and a good candidate as far as trying to fix the US economy, but I'd like to see a bigger picture for the rest of the issues he would be facing, especially with foreign policy. Everybody else seem to either be dunces or bat-shit crazy, or a combination of the both.

I'm hoping our country can drop the paranoid macho man bullshit and hopefully not bomb Iran just for 'teh lulz'.

[Image: Cats+Fight1.jpg]

Exhausted but can't sleep, laundry will eat me. I will attempt to make it into IRC tonight if I don't get swallowed up by a time sinkhole.
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The UK has similarly-poor candidates for its next leader. Ugh. Why does politics have to yield so much suckage?
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Wow, what's with the R-pub hate out of nowhere? Confused

NOT cool...
(04-21-2015, 01:09 PM)Bounty Hunter Lani Wrote: Wow, what's with the R-pub hate out of nowhere? Confused

NOT cool...

Because John McCain clearly spent too much time in a bamboo cage in Grabdong, his answer to every foreign policy challenge is to bomb whoever's not us. all 47 republican senators signed that letter to Iran, why? What about peaceful, diplomatic negotiations is so abhorrent to the republican leadership in this country that they go out of their way to sabotage it? there's no good reason to be killing people, when we can put in place and enforce the most comprehensive and restrictive program diplomatically. the ayatollah isn't a stupid man, he saw how saddam kept kicking out weapons inspectors, look how that turned out. the ayatollah, admadinijiad, and rouhani all have renounced nuclear weapons, because they know they could never be used, so having them only brings unwanted attention.

it's kind of like the whole global warming debate- what do we have to lose by cutting greenhouse gas emissions? are we going to end up making cleaner air, and healthier people for no reason?

republican government agents:

-work for the benefit of the upper class. it's really mostly that. remember that time mitt romney and paul ryan broke into a soup kitchen to rewash clean dishes for a photo op? what a perfect metaphor for the republican ideology.
-work to disable the social security net that keeps people fed, under a roof, off drugs, and in school. coincidentally these are all things that lead to crime when there is a deficiency.
-inject fundamentalist religious idealogies into governance (mostly christian, but look to iran, and saudi arabia for the muslim versions)
-work to get their way, and their way only (ted cruz's obamacare filibuster that even other republicans opposed)
-weaken the education system to keep people stupid through crazy things like common core standards, abstinence only sex ed, and social segregation.
-work to KEEP people from being able to vote
-will keep pushing the same policies regardless of whether or not they work
-want to keep the "words and intentions of the founding fathers" as they are, even though they're doing everything our founding fathers wanted us not to be doing.
-republicans want live babies to grow up to be dead soldiers
-republicans hide behind the bible first, then the flag. it should be the other way around.

personally, i'm a (real) libertarian, i guess a sort of religious atheist. we're all indoctrinated to believe a certain set of things about ourselves and one another, which keeps us trapped in the cycle that got us to where we are now.

I just want to be left alone, and be trusted not to kill anyone. Penn Jillette sums it up nicely, just replace god with government in this quote-

[Image: tumblr_mh17kaG6aJ1rl2l7ho1_500.jpg]

but do go on, what's so great about being a republican? I'll bet you can't name one thing you like about it that I can't find a republican either introducing a bill against, or getting caught doing himself. i say him, because i don't believe there are any natural female republicans.
Gotta have point-counterpoint here:

Democratic government agencies (or the agencies current under the current Democratic rule)
- The Secret Service
Okay, let's just say DRUNK AND DISORDERLY THERE.
- The ATF
Seriously? A party with hookers paid for by the Cartels?
- State Department
Hillary. Benghazi. FBI stating they knew ahead of time while the White House denied it for an additional week saying it was spontaneous.
- The IRS
Lois Lerner's use of the IRS to targeting politically minded groups before the 2012 election that threatened Obama's campaign, a clear violation. Charged with contempt.
- The Justice Department:
The Attorney General's involvment in Fast and Furious. Obama put Eric Holder in charge of investigating his involvement. Hold up! Eric Holder IS the Attorney General! Obama told him to see if he did anything wrong!!! Seriously?
The Attorney General's blatant refusal to process Contempt charges against Lois Lerner.
Who's gonna think the A.G. is going to pursue Hillary's destruction of evidence (erasing her server after official requests as evidence) when she's a Democrat lining up as Obama's replacement?
- Immigration
Practically neutered thanks to Obama's 'illegals free pass' issue. And that goes into the 'permission to vote' as they illegals even have driver's licenses. THEY ARE ILLEGAL!

This group can't be trusted to uphold the law. They're actively breaking it.

Now while I'm a Christian, I think of myself as fairly open minded. I won't play point-counterpoint on political correctness involvement for a few reasons otherwise a big brew could start... and let's leave it at that and not continue anything religious here.

And if things get serious, a thread with a 'serious discussion' marker should be made.
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I dont vote- no point I dont like the choices.

But I do know why the rep hate- theyre platform has been homophobic- anti-secular- and more about dismanteling the obama laws than crafting their own ideas on those matters.
they dont hold theselves anywhere near the same scrutiny they do obama or any dem.
that is why- Tea party kinda made a mess of the republican parties reputation. Its what happens when you let the philosophical trash into your home.

Are the dems better? well which would you rather be? An idiot who has all the right intentions but no plan on how to implement them> or a moron whod like to tie your hands and make you a patriot by force? Take your pic its either Guantanamo Or Ben gazi you lose you dnt pass go and collect 200$

the lesser of two evils is a choice but I prefer intellectual honesty to the crass knee jerk elections.

I should run for president Id uke both cacus' And get all those things the dems pretend to be for- and actually have conservative economics instead of that scam trickledown bullshit tea party likes tto push.
secret service- obviously don't care about protecting a black man. just look at any other law enforcement agency.
atf- who do you think reagan got to fund them?
state department- benghazi was bound to happen, and would have happened to anyone there, regardless of who's in charge. we're only in charge of our people, not the terrorists. like it or not, hillary is still far more qualified than any republican so far.
the irs- a republican in the same position would have done the same thing. the whole organization stinks.
eric holder is a criminal, and should be in jail, but so is every member of the bush administration. republicans have also ordered self investigations as well, it's human nature to self preserve.
immigration- there is no such thing as borders. they're made up, and you can't expect people, who are natural animals, to abide by an unnatural system. we're always going to do what we're going to do. we're not biologically programmed to live within an aritificial system.

buuuuuuut you still didn't answer the big question Laughing + Tongue sticking out what's so good about being a republican?
'Lesser of two evils'... as Rosy stated. Republicans vs the Obama laws? Let's weigh that in.

Immigration was not passed through Congress but an executive order which granted amnesty. Isn't the Presidential oath "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."? Before we entered the 20th century, the Supreme Court decreed that Congress, NOT the Executive branch, had “plenary power” (meaning full and complete) authority over immigration regulation Clearly, he didn't get the memo, and chose to ignore and break the law and his oath.

Obamacare? Um, didn't you get the news flash from Gruber that he lied? The MIT Professor was even on video admitting fraud, no matter how any news media wants to spin it. And remember "If you like your doctor, you get to keep your doctor'? That was a lie, known before he even made that speech. The whole operation is a pyramid plan, practically a ponzi scheme in design... and didn't Bernard Madoff's ponzi scheme teach us anything? The problem with this pyramid plan is that people are expected to pay into it while he offered a 'free' insurance option. Where does this free insurance come from? Taxpayer money, people paying into it through some insurance plan, or businesses that have to pay into it dependent upon the number of workers and the hours worked.

Meh! Businesses cut back on lower waged worker hours so they aren't required to pay into it. And those employees I mentioned from companies who cut everyone's hours? They gotta somehow pay for or get their own healthcare 'by law'. If they don't they get fined! What about those that pay insurance? It may have doubled (OR TRIPLED Sarcasm IN A WEREWOLF'S CASE) just to pay for people who opt for free coverage. Who can get that? People who aren't citizens! You live in a country and pay taxes and have to PAY for insurance to give free health care to people who aren't? Does that make sense? And hey, let's not forget how many lost their coverage because it wasn't up to Obama's specs. Oh, we went up the same number in Obamacare registrations, but they couldn't verify if anyone was paying into the till or just getting it for free. AND they are still having millions of dollars of issues with their website.

And that's just two examples alone. Either voting Republican or going through more of this? Lesser of two evils, guys.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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the lesser of two evils is still evil, and everyone has the ability to stick their heads up, and not participate in the stupidity they see all around them. why wouldn't a republican majority senate, and a republican supreme court do anything about his immigration action then? it took a low level court in texas to finally up and stop it.

i've always had health insurance, but never needed it until i was 25 and my knee decided it didn't want to be in its socket anymore. i'm sure glad obamacare let me still be covered under my parents' insurance, because i definitely would have declared bankruptcy, and failing that, probably turn to robbing people. all insurance is a ponzi scheme, but you don't hear republicans trying to repeal mandatory auto insurance laws.

and you still didn't answer the question, what's so great about being a republican? in typical republican fashion, you instead told me everything wrong with what democrats are doing.
I'm sort of with Rosy here. Politics makes me saaaaaaaaaaaaad.

But if I was going to pick the lesser of the two evils I'd go democrat because they're not ignorant rednecks. Arizona anyone? I'm not even gonna bother going into separation of church and state or the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, that's a whole other hornet's nest.
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