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 Change a letter, change a game.
This is easy, change one letter of a game's title to make a new game, then say what it's about.

Leisure Suit Harry: you're prince harry, and you don't have to try very hard to have sex

Duke Pukem- you're a hard partying lord in the fiefdom of Barleyshire. The object of the game is to bar hop as much as possible while keeping your composure and diction.

Mario Fart- using the motion-scents-thing add on for the wii-u, pick out which member of the nintendo cast farted in an enclosed space

Metal Bear Solid- you're a steel city bear hitting the streets looking for the fight of your life. Streets of Rage as a bear.

Horderlands- collect all the things to complete your checklist of all the things. if something isn't yours, that means it's someone else's.

Horderlands 2- You have to check off the sequel on your list, don't you? otherwise your list isn't complete, and if your list isn't complete, it means you're not done yet.

Segaman- you're the "Lost" Sega mascot. A committee designed corporate shill who does all kinds of radically tubular things that disrespect authority in a surfer-hip hop context.
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Skydim - You are a legendary dragon lord, searching for the key to save the world, from a diminishing sun and to keep darkness from overtaking the lands.

Titanball - It's the future, the world is in ruin, but everyone still has to have a spectator sport. Enter Titanball! Two teams fight to the gladiatorial finish, scoring points in Football meets bloodbath!

Room - a 3d masterpiece revisited - Unlock puzzles and traps, hit switches, all to get out of the ONE room!

Room II - You got out of the room, only to find.... another room! What insanity is this? Twice as many puzzles, twice as many switches, and two more monsters try to keep you out of... The Room

Hall - The original "Room" killer, you leave the confines of the room, and venture into the world of the Hall, where dozens of rooms attach to it. As the Hall monitor, your job is to make sure that whatever leaves a room venturing into the hall has a good reason.

Hall 2 - Same as above.

Hall 3 - same as above, but with an added bonus. Make your own hall for multiplayer hall montoring! Now you and a friend can monitor the halls together!

Hall 4 - As hall monitors, you aren't well liked by some others, and now is their chance. Join up to 4 other players in Hall monitoring challenges!
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id play the hell out of hall 3.

Kalamari Damacy- you're a squid that wants to grab the sun. adhere yourself to any platform and reach for the stars.

final fantasy crystal jouls- play as a studious geologist in a small colorado town. can you discover a way to turn crystals into energy before time runs out?

Tonic the hedgehog- sell snake oil to ignorant country wildlife, and outrun them once they gather their torches and pitchforks.

ned dead redemption- Stupid Flanders overslept and is late for church! dodge obstacles as you race God to Springfield Presbylutheren.

Dome Alone- Maculey Culkin is the last person alive under the dome. survive by scavanging cigarettes and pizza, while defeating assasins with swinging paint cans.

Lambo- A Cars spinoff where lightning mcqueen is disassembled, and repurposed as a humvee during the vietnam war. it would play like goldeneye, but everyone is a car.

Big Train Academy- a life sim where you raise trains from their larval, to adult stages, and teach them how to be trains.
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I'd no-life over Hoarderlands.

GTA Vice Pity: After finally being released from prison after 20 years, you're down on your luck, your wife left you and you have to come up with creative ways to kill yourself.

Far Fly: The spiritual successor to Pilot Wings.

Super Mario 69: Well, this needs no description. Banned everywhere except Japan (and later Australia where it was heavily edited to suit their age classification board - all drugs were removed from the game).
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SPICE INVADERS: While attempting to make your breakfast, a mini armada of flying nutmeg and basil canisters floats down from the ceiling in an attempt to ruin your omelette. Use your spatula to flip the tiny jars away as they try to drop their contents into your pan.
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Final Fartasy : A story about a plucky 12 year old boy, some old geezer with amnesia, a cross dresser pirate chick and a royal princess. The plucky 12 year old boy used to ride his bike and make ramps in this empty field, until one day...

The boy's bike field was paved into a parking lot, then a taco shop was built. Due to the popularity of the taco shop, it brought along a flatulence epidemic of unparalleled proportion, causing parts of the city to be covered in a thick mist and eventually triggering floods and earthquakes. The boy, with the help of his three misfit friends, must destroy this taco joint, and the others around the world, leading to an awesome confrontation with the corporate office and it's army of illegitimate lawyers and attorneys.

"Keep out of the mist and you should be fine." Words to live by.
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List Planet - You must categorize everything on the planet.

Sass effect - Save the galaxy with a razor sharp wit. Nothing beats a reaper down like sarcasm.

Cable - Join the TV repairman's guild and become a hero in the cable business.

L.A. Noise - You're an angry old policeman running around LA telling people to turn their music down.
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Those were pretty brilliant.

Dadden- You're a serial deadbeat dad, whose goal is to create as many "franchise families" as he can

Cattlefield- You succeed where Stalin failed. With your army of mutant super cow man, destroy the enemies of glorious motherland

Rastlevania- A wrestling game where you play as monsters.

Silent Sill- You're a rebellious teenager who wants to sneak out of the house. too bad mom hid the wd40, and all the windows squeek.

Boat Simulator- Simulate the fun of being a boat! Sit stationary in a neglected parking lot, get towed places, be a boat in over 40 boat scenarios!

The Lash Of Us- you're a slave in ancient egypt. lead your intrepid band of jews through the desert as you race moses to the promised land.
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Dork souls - You play a LARPer who dies 2 minutes after starting the game.

Harming Simulator - Good for all those with masochistic tendencies who don't want to deal with A&E

Glue Dragon - You play as a small group of kids whose world comes unstuck. Defeat the mythical Glue dragon before the world meets a sticky end.
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.hack//inflection- you are the tiny voice inside a person's head. steering their lives like a mech suit. your voice is the only controller you need to drive this awesome living machine.

Lord Of The Sings: The Third Stage- Your karaoke revolution failed! now a prisoner under the facist dictatorship of pop music, you work your way up from third stage middle act, to headlining a world tour to turn the tides of music back towards the skillful artist.

RPG Baker- like Spore, but not terrible. you throw real life ingredients into the new Nintendo Wii U Mr. Fission peripheral, and break them down into simple, single celled organisms, that evolve into multi-cellular organisms, that play out rpg's for you in real time.

Shining Pears- a kafkaesque game where you wake up in the super market to find yourself transformed into a pear. can you escape before being eaten?

Digimon World Hata Squad- see those armordigivolved grove street bustas? you finna cap they asses
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