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 Shapeshifter Tutorial
I've seen a few tutorials for having a shapeshifter on your team, but never one for a shapeshifter as an enemy.

the first thing we need is our shapeshifter:
[Image: shapeshifter1.jpg]

Notice he is Shapeshifter-A. This is so you can make it appear as if a single shapeshifter is going to transform into random forms. But really he's not. That's a different tutorial for another day. Right now his only action is being able to use Shapeshift-A. This is to link him to his skill, and everything else in order to transform into an ultimate form of a single multi-monster line.

[Image: shapeshifter2.jpg]

The first thing I want you to notice, is that this activates a state called "Invisible" All this does is make the shapeshifter invisible using the animation command "Hide Target". Once the target is invisible, the next thing that needs to happen is the activation of common event Shapeshift-a

[Image: shapeshifter4.jpg]

This common event is what really needs to happen. For a safety net, it makes the target doubly invisible. The Shapeshifting animation will play, which in my case is almost 50 frames. Therefore, I need to input some Wait commands to keep things from happening out of sync with what the player is seeing. Since the enemy is in a new form, I have chosen to Recover All on it. You don't need to do this, it's just a matter of taste. What you do need to do however, is remove the Invisible State from the enemy.

[Image: shapeshifter5.jpg]

Once you're satisfied, pop the Call Common Event into your troop page in correlation to which turn it is, or how much hp, or whatever you want.

[Image: shapeshifter6.jpg]

For shapeshifters with multiple forms, just repeat the above steps, substituting those forms where appropriate.

to see it work, check out this demo.

.zip   Shapeshifter (Size: 1.15 MB / Downloads: 2)

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