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 [Demo] Ice Princess : A horror puzzle game
[Image: ip.png]
"She may still be down there... But she is definitely not alive."

The island of Berut is known not only for its painfully bitter winters, but also its reliance on the large deposits of coal under the island. After a sudden cave-in under its largest mine, it also became the site of a national mystery; The last heir to the throne- the princess of Berut, is found to be among the missing body count. With no time to loose, a number of professional bounty hunters and spelunkers were dispatched to find her before it was too late.

But when dozens entered the collapsed mine, only a few returned. Frostbitten and empty-handed, the adventurers were too afraid to speak of what they saw. With the monarchy on the verge of collapse, the government is willing to commit fiscal suicide to pay whoever finds her- dead or alive.

Jaques Froslass, a spelunker of Audacian fame, does certainly enjoy money. And now that he is nearly broke, divorced and spiritually dead, He has nothing to loose- even to frostbite.

Ice Princess is a puzzle game with a simple premise; you know those cheesy, ice-themed puzzles you've seen in Pokemon and Legend of Zelda? Imagine them, with the difficulty cranked up to 11, and then cross-bred with the dark aura of Diablo. From ice sliding to block pushing, to lava freezing and wall climbing, Ice princess shows no mercy. But if you ask nicely... I'll provide the solutions.


Solutions (hall of shame):
NOTE: By looking into this spoiler tag, you mentally signify defeat, and indicate to yourself that you are, indeed, a pussy.
Solutions are only for certain maps, and only if they are requested. If you request a solution, your name goes on the wall of shame, and you will forever be acknowledged as the first coward.

v0.5 Check it out!

Also, the lack of spoiler tags makes this a long post. I can't wait to have rmvxp back up and running!
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You shouldn't post a solution before someone fixes the spoilers. They can't be locked. :D

I'll give a comment after school.
Tech Administrator of Save-Point

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HAAA!!! this game is pure genius ^^

lolz, ICE on LAVA!!!!
in game logic, how is that possible?
[Image: gen-sig.png]
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The idea is that the cave-in that trapped the princess was fairly recent, and it broke down the walls between the freezing mine and the hot magma caverns magma caverns. With the oncoming winter, the cold is spreading, and the frozen ice and hot lava floors can interact. Or some shit like that, who cares? :D

If anyone notices, the very first map in the demo is based off of the Ice Path in pokemon g/s/c, just with icicles and a little deviation. Just about most of the other maps are entirely original.

The demo does have some dead ends, mostly just rooms you can't walk into.
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maybe you should add some steam over the ice as well, cuz its bound to be melting ^^
i think i'd play a game with nicely defined logic than one without.
[Image: gen-sig.png]
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Played it earlier. Pretty cool. Not much of an introduction though
[Image: style7,Kristovski.png]
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Kristovski Wrote:Played it earlier. Pretty cool. Not much of an introduction though

Hahaha- nope. The demo is really just the middle third of the game. No intro, no ending.
That said, did anyone actually beat the demo? It took me just under 20 minutes to beat the full thing (although that means knowing the solutions to the puzzles).
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