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 Strange Game Ideas
I want to make some new work for my portfolio, but I want it to be fun. I mostly played with different game idea generators, but I'm not coming up with anything thats really good yet. So... what are some weird game concepts (any genre)

My current top 2:

1. A romance game set in Hell

2. Inept Sewer Brothers - A ninja turtles parody
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You're Scruffy, a stray Beagle whose gal pal gets nabbed by the local Animal Control and thrown into the pound. Now it's up to you to raid the place and free her.
  • Learn new tricks (Hey, gotta figure out how to jump over that fence)
  • Chase cats. (those guys just don't let you bury nuthin and will steal your goodies)
  • Bury bones (setting up sites for later HP restoring rather than using them all the time)
  • Beg for food and knock over trash cans (Helps to find those bones for later)

How does that grab ya?
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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COD: MuttonchOPS: a shooter set during the civil war
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Generally any sort of parody game where you mix several different genres.

[Image: lRRgARr.jpg]

I would love for something like this to be made into a game. A sort of forth wall parody about how dungeons and treasure chests get made before the heroes come to plunder them.

You play as a valiant dungeon keeper who has to set up traps, fill treasure chests, and prepare the puzzles. And then the heroes come and ruin it all... Winking with a tongue sticking out
[Image: IMG28-1336331545.gif]
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thatd be an awesome tower def concept
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Like this?
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Quote:1. A romance game set in Hell
You mean Catherine? [Image: hqdefault.jpg]
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