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 Epic Trans-forum Game Making Contest of Dooom!
Cool pieces on youtube, MetalRenard.
Maybe I should have started a project to earn me a musical segment, but alas, it would be much too late now.
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Why is it too late? :)
You have a whole week before you have to start. :)

Oh and thanks. :P
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I would love to so badly, but I just don't know the little ins and outs to rpg maker and game development in general quite yet.
I am definitely a noob.
I would love to try some of these entries when they are released though.
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Anyone wishing to participate only has 4 days to start. I hope you guys aren't backing out at the last moment.
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Well, as far as I know, I am now on Team Sexy, I guess. But, I'm not really sure when we intend to get going full-steam.
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i forwarded the theme to team sexy. i just want to register in public, that i think the theme is terrible. if anyone else can agree or disagree without spoiling it, please do.
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You're the only one here who has started, and if you think it's bad that because you've refused to see its potential. :)
I'm kind of offended though, I mean I feel that's a bit uncalled for. You should have kept that for the PM.
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not trying to be offensive/angry/inciting riots, but how do you do that with an rpg maker engine? or a 2d engine at all, for that matter? i can think of a few existing games that ran along those lines, but they were not well reviewed at all.... have any of the french teams gotten the guidelines yet? i just wanted any other teams who have started to be able to discuss it.
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"they were not well reviewed at all"
Maybe there were just bad games? Besides, like I said in the PM, I myself can imagine at least 3 different games that would be cool. Just have fun with it rather than putting a barrier in your way. :)
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Okay, guys. Just a little note.
If you guys in your teams wanna talk to each other without PMs, try making IRC chatrooms. ;) Go into ours and make a private room if ya need. Of course, there's always Skype n facebook n such.

Laughing You had to hear it from a guy with a dialup modem.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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