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 This or That Game
CUBE <3333

In a Relationship or Single?
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Right now, single. In 6 months, I'll start looking for a relationship but not before then. ^^

Naked or well dressed?
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I would normally say naked but those Spanish lawyers took offence with it... Look, the human body is a beautiful thing! Okay, maybe not my body - after what happened with the whale blubber - but bodies in general. So, now that the lawsuits have been filed, I'm under oath to say "well-dressed" at all times.

Cake or death?
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That's a trick question! The Cake Is A Lie! So... Death. At least I know what I'm getting myself into that way! The other could be much, much worse... *shudders*

The Ultra Chocolate Brownie or Best Ever Mint-Choc-Chip ice cream? :3
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Shocked D-d-d-did someone say CHOCOLATE!?!?

Oooh, I want mah Ultimate Brownie!!!

Now for a toughie: Red or Blue ?
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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[Image: sGz1ErF.png] [Image: liM4ikn.png] [Image: fdzKgZA.png] [Image: sj0H81z.png]
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Red, obviously. As much as I love water, the sea and coolness as opposed to heat and fire (stupid, stuffy heat), red is just a manlier colour. MANNNNLYYYY LIKE BURNING HERRROIIICC PASSSSIOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!!!

So. Final boss themes. Ominous Latin Chanting™ or Badass Electric Guitar Ballads? Which do you prefer?
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(Add me for teh pokeymanz and barvely deefalt!)

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Click for the latest update - and vote for someone to die! >8D
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final boss themes >.>

game with great story (including chapter after chapter fun and not thinking it was too short of a game or something was missing/messed up.) or neat features(omg i hate new videogames that dont have innovating stuff/this is SO like worldofwarcraft cause WOW has everything kind of thing)?

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Samven meant WHICH TYPE of boss theme: Latin choir or metal. ^^
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Oh well ^^

Great stories, though great stories can be innovating by themselves ^^

Sphere grid or license board?
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In a distant future an ancient threat stirs...heroes of old take up their arms once more.
For my writing project that includes my rmxp project I'm also maintaining a private wiki; if you wish to follow me, let me know.
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More info or questions? PM me
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