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Music by Python Blue
So a few days ago, a friend gave me the idea of making retro remixes of more modern pieces. While I regret to say I'm having difficulty overall with such an idea, I did manage to make this retro piece taken from the first Harry Potter computer game.

Python Blue - composer for NeonXSZ
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Finally back with a cover of Halo 1.

Production-wise, this was one of my first experiments with Linear Phase EQ'ing, which helped a ton with controlling lower frequencies AND overall dynamics.
Python Blue - composer for NeonXSZ
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Have you watched Stranger Things? The music made me think of you. :)
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(08-26-2016, 09:04 AM)MetalRenard Wrote: Have you watched Stranger Things? The music made me think of you. :)

Sorry for the delay, first of all.

I have not watched it, but I am familiar with it. :) I appreciate the thought!
Python Blue - composer for NeonXSZ
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Finally updating this thread with a preview of something I've been working on the past month: a rescore of the game ASA: A Space Adventure. I love this game for its Myst-like gameplay, but even better, it's a science fiction setting. XD Anyone interested in the game can click on "Buy the original game" on any of the tracks, which takes you to its Steam page.

This is also a good time to tell people that, due to the gripes I have with SoundCloud as a service, I'm migrating over to a new site called HearThis.At.
Python Blue - composer for NeonXSZ
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Uploaded this to YouTube shortly after reaching 1000 subscribers at last! :)

Complete with a singing attempt.
Python Blue - composer for NeonXSZ
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