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MetalRenard's Music
(Old thread is old u_u)

Forget everything below and just have a look at my site instead. :P

[Below: kept for retrospect]
Dear friends,

In all humility, I will begin posting a large amount of my music here. Give feedback, ask questions, tell friends, however you please. This is simply a showcase, and a place, for those who are looking, to find some new music to listen to.
I hope you can enjoy what I do as much as I enjoy making it. (Oh... And Olivia asked me to post this thread! hahaha)
I present to you...

MetalRenard's Music
A note on the layout:
Rather than going for the classic "metal", "film score", "electronica", I will try to class my music in my own way depending on how it makes you feel - how I feel all music should be classed. Inside these groups I will group each genre together. Tracks with vocals come first. If a piece has been uploaded to Youtube, I'll put it here.

Check back for updates from time to time. :)

All my music is available for licensing - if you want music for your game then let me know.
I also do commission based music on request. Get in touch if you're interested!

"Music with vocals (yes, I sing)!"

Everything below this point is a little out-dated now but I left it here for funzies.

"I just want something to listen to in the background"

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I must say, this is absolutley delightful~ I'm loving this so much. n.n Excellent work~
[Image: Angel.gif]
[Image: RMVXB-1.png][Image: gMakerBar.png]
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2 week update: 2 new tunes.
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I made my comment on the State of Mind video, and heard the Armory one before! Both are awesome!
[Image: jokersiggy.png]
[Image: user_bar.gif]
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4 week update, 4 songs!

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I see you have a new logo =D Looks nice ^^ I definately think the "Metal" part looks more metalish now XD
All your new songs are nice. Except the last one. It is not bad, mind you, but something seems off to me. Burdon of Dreams sounds really good in my oppinion tough. I can see in my mind just the scene to go with it.
Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You, too? Thought I was the only one." (C.S. Lewis)
For the time you're laughing, there's nothing wrong in the world. (Colin Mochrie)

If it's funny, make sure people laugh. If it's not funny, make it funny (unless it's actually really serious). (silvercheers)

Please don't spell my name "Yamina-chan". It's all small. Thank you =D
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Yeah, new logo... But I kept the fox! I Looooove that fox. <3 I even got a friend to animate it - the wink at the start!

Thanks for taking a listen, and thanks for the feedback. :)
What do you feel is off in the last one? Youtube kinda destroyed the audio in it so that may be the issue. :P
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Yay, celebrate de-stressing and my 23rd birthday with some speed metal!
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I already commented on it a few days ago, but for the sake of it, I'll say it again: way to celebrate your birthday! ;)
Python Blue - composer for NeonXSZ
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Hey friends! I just updated my site, it now has better usability (more distinct pages, better set up I think). if you want to have a look!

In the mean time, here's a music update!
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