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Music by Python Blue
An album independent of game music recently came out, for anyone interested.
Python Blue - composer for NeonXSZ
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Finally updating this with a recent single of mine on Bandcamp.
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Recent thoughts about my situation have made me reconsider game music and other soundtracks over synthwave. Therefore, enjoy this gift music for a friend, which I realize, in retrospect, sounds similar to Amnesia. XD *Dead link*
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A cover of the Penumbra soundtrack.

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Contributed the music to this Pokemon-themed animation. Not the most original of projects on my end, no, but feel free to enjoy my arrangements of the 1st generation music.
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Ha! That was fun. I never watched TPP but I read about it and some of their misadventures.
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(08-15-2014, 10:11 PM)MetalRenard Wrote: Ha! That was fun. I never watched TPP but I read about it and some of their misadventures.
Thanks a lot for listening, fellow composer! :D Yeah, haven't seen the original YouTube series, either, BUT, I am a Pokemon addict at times. XD
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A bit early for for Tuesday (pun intended), but I have a double feature. :)

Tried singing, myself, and no, MetalRenard had nothing to do with that. XD The instrumentation is more of a recreation than a cover, in retrospect, but still, enjoy my attempt of singing the theme from The Lost Boys.

This one I just finished for a contest on TIGSource. Quite different for me in that I pretty much used NO retro sounds whatsoever, unless you count some of the special effects from the Percussive Adventures 1 sample library. *Dead link*
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#29 *Dead Link*

Going to try to make more game music covers.
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Just listened to Chocolate Outline, it's got this really cheesy 90's vibe to it and I mean that in a good way.Winking with a tongue sticking out
[Image: IMG28-1336331545.gif]
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