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Bacon's Music Workshop
Bacon's Music Workshop

For those who do not know me, I am am bacon. I am a amateur musician who is trying to become good. I have various pieces of music that I work on daily. I am good at creating ambience and background noise, but when it comes to a full-fledged melody, I have issues. I have pieces of music on Sakari Infinity as well.

The music I post here on this workshop may or may not be usable. If it says not usable, please do not steal it. I am here for good criticism and support, and I want to improve.

I use FL Studio to create my music. Most of my music comes from various VST's and Soundfonts. The VST's I use are free as I am too poor to afford any VST or Sounfont that costs money. So most of everything I use instrument is is avaliable to all.

Original Pieces

Dark Space (Usable)
I made this piece a while ago. Its an ambience piece. I mainly used Sytrus for the intruments. This song is supposed to create the mood of an abandoned spaceship or something along those lines. Its somewhat synthy.

Snow Fairy(Usable)
I made this piece a while back. Its also an ambience piece as well. I also used sytrus for this. This song was intended to be used for a undiscovered snow cavern or something resembling that. Its not as synthy as the first. I have been told that this sounds more like a devil cavern, but you be the judge.

Ghost Ship(Usable)
A carribean theme I made a while back. I used Sytrus again for this one. This one is a failed WIP, and I will probably not work on it any longer. Its supposed to be a light-hearted ghost ship theme or something similar. Its also ambient as well.

Simple Luan Tune(Not Usable)
A very simple Luan tune. This was used to work on my experience at creating a melody in songs. I also wanted to do something different and create an oriental piece. I used only the DSK Asian Dreamz VST. The sitat is a tad sharp for my liking, but whatever. o:

Edited Pieces

Village Theme(Not Usable)
Original MIDI created by Audiomuse and edited by me. This is a simple village theme I created out of Audiomuse's village theme in Sakari, as I wanted to stray away from MIDIS.

Cavern Theme(Not Usable)
Original MIDI created by Bloodpriest and edited by me. This was originally a boss theme created by Bloodpriest in Sakari. I foundit fitting to make it a cavern theme, and really tried playing around with things in order to make a whole different tune.


Lost Forest:Zelda(Usable)
I made this quite a while ago when I was inexperienced. I liked the direction I took it but there are some key thing I did that mess it up. I might actually go back to that piece and re-do it, as I thought the concept was somewhat neat. o:

Doopliss:Paper Mario(Usable)
Again, I seemed to of messed this up due to inexperience. I also like the concept of this one and hope to return to it one day.

Abicion Battle:TOS(Usable)
Basically the same story as the last two. I should of progressed it faster, as the first part is quite boring. o:

Dragon Roost Island:Windwaker(Usable)
Same story as the other ones

Koopa Bros. Battle:Paper Mario(Usable)

TOS Boss Battle:TOS(Usable)

O2 Battle:Kirby 64(Usable)
This one has always held a special place in my heart for some reason. Same as above. o:
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I listened to all of them and these are my thoughts. Keep in mind that I have no experience whatsoever in this area, but an opinion can't hurt.

Dark Space - I didn't like the instrument that started at 0:54. It might just be personal taste, but it didn't feel like it fit in.
Snow Fairy - I think it would have been better if you made the chimes (?) louder and quieted down the rest. That might also give it a slightly more "snow" feeling.
Ghost Ship - The instruments didn't feel like they stayed on the same beat to me. That may just be my inexperience talking, though. :P
Simple Luan Tune - It sounded alright to me. I agree that it was a little sharp in areas, though.
Edits - Both of the edits are really good. :o

I think that you could improve some more by trying more edits. Although I'm certainly in a place to be telling you a direction to take, I think doing edits will give you a better ear for what kind of instruments sound good together, which would then carry over into your custom pieces. I might be wrong, though.
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Not bad. It has that atmospheric style to them.
I'm not sure how trained you are in music, if you are trained, I may sound like an idiot, but if not, here is some advice:
1. They seem to just be "playing." There is no beginning, middle, or end. Most songs, even classical and soundtrack pieces have movements they go through. Just a thought.
2. Dynamic changes and lack of instruments tend to be leaving these pieces a little flat. If I were to use this in a dungeon, for example, I'd get sick of hearing it over and over.
But really, they are well done. Good work!
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Thanks for the C&C everyone. I know I lack the skills to progress a song or create evolution. That is one of the things I need to work on the most. Of course, I will try to watch out for my instrument blending as well. Alpha, I am self taught as well.

Added a DUMP section and some oldies. They are not very good, but some have a decent concept to them that I might revisit in the near future.
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i thought you were just all talk!!! i shouldn't have wrote that...
anyway your music sounds great! i like them... the first space one.
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