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Hello and good day!

This is old news (January 2023) but is now in read-only "Archive" mode. Back in the day, this is where all the talented pixel wizards went to flex their pixel skills, and new pixel mages came to learn their craft. I'm saddened to see the state of affairs in these communities nowadays, but it is what it is. Getting a little quiet, aye?

This has all been part and parcel with the state of the various communities these days.

On January 9th, 2023 the administrator that goes by the name of Indigo made the following announcement.

Indigo (of Wrote:Happy New Year everyone. This is just an announcement that the forum has officially entered archive mode. All boards have been set to read only.

It's not all bad; anybody from who needs a venue for their pixel art is more than welcome to join our community as we'd love to take you in. We may not have as many artists as we did back in the day, I'd love to see more artists on Save-Point for sure! Also, Kainers needs a good friendly rivalry.

While I've never been very active at, I'd like to extend gratitude to the many talented artists for which have taught me a thing or two, things which I would've probably not learned on my own. This was a cool community and I'd lurked those forums for a decade, with an occasional post here and there (I think I've posted there anyway o.o)

RIP, you will be dearly missed.
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