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 Going Up in Smoke!
Trust me guys, I didn't come up with this.
I got this from a youtube video recounting pen-n-paper RPG stories.
Unfortunately, no names were attributed.

Going Up in Smoke!

I was playing a Homebrew wild mage, flavoured as more of a sorcerer than a wizard.

A huge fight had broken out in a market in the planes. We botched a plan to sneak in and capture one of the black market trade leaders, a Djinn. He was at the back of this circular dome thing, so to get a clear line of sight, I called out I would run up the stairs of this little tower and I was preparing to fireball him. Team acknowledged the plan.

So... I went for a smoke.

Then our wizard, who we had just spent three months trying to resurrect, casted grease, as the whole team ran into the centre of the platform to confront the Djinn.

I came back and the DM smiled at me, asking me what I was going to do. I asked if I had reached the top of the tower to which he nodded. Well then, you know what I do.

Other PC's started to object, but the DM rolled to check if I surge. I did. He rolled percentile. And then... BOOM! It was a double range, double area-of-effect, double damage blast. I rolled for damage and hit max damage. After that, the grease the wizard casted while I was away erupted into a secondary explosion.

The DM did a little John Travolta impression of the Djinn as he looked at the bodies of my party on the platform that I turned into an embassy of the Plane of Fire.

The next week, I played solo with my own little quest to fix that @#$%up.
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