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Trust me guys, I didn't come up with this.
I got this from a youtube video recounting pen-n-paper RPG stories.
Unfortunately, no names were attributed.


I was the player that was supposed to be the "Big Bad Evil Guy." But the party came to know this way earlier than expected.  My guy, a cleric who was supposed to be a home brew corruption cleric was there to follow the main party as they were exploring dungeons, gathering relics and other stuff.

My guy was supposed to steal said relics and use them to go against the party, the problem being that if he touched one of these relics before the set time, he would reveal his true form in a weakened state. As to awaken his true and more powerful form, you need all eight relics.

The worst part was that all of the relics gave bonuses to everyone inside of the party except the cleric, albeit the last relic available. The bard in our party was the smartest player that I've ever seen as after only three artifacts (giving the entire party one except my cleric) they decided that the fourth was going to be mine no matter what.

When the time came, buy guy decided to refuse it so it went ot the ranger.  The fifth went to the rogue, the sixth to the paladin, and when the time came for the seventh, the bard.

The effin bard decided ot try something that they wondered since my character was introduced as a normal cleric. They decided to use a sleight of hand to force my character to touch one of the relics. With my character succeeding the save, the whole party decided to do the same. Cue to the rogue landing something like 11.

There was no way for me to fail it now, right?

I rolled a 1.  I rolled a dang 1.

My guy revealed his true form to the entire party and now instead of finding the last relic, the party uses the seven that they have in their possession and decide that it's time that they handle this guy's situation.

Instead of killing him, they forced him into a cage, placed him in the middle of the capitol and used him to gain money. One gold coin per stick, and you get ten pokes per stick. The party made way too much money before my guy managed to set himself free and gain the last relic...

But by that time, the bard had already switched out the real relic with a fake one and the fake one had a teleportation spell upon it that would put my guy back into the capitol, behind even stronger bars.

Oh, just brilliant...

Since my guy was immortal in terms of aging, even to this day, since the campaign stays in the same world unless it is destroyed, the great great great great, grandchildren of that party is having fun poking him while the generation before are living peacefully under the wealth that was gained.

He was also named Sir Loserton of McButthurt... written in bold letters with a gold plate right in front of his cage.

BONUS:  In the current campaign, the party didn't explore the cage until like much later. They were surprised to know that the guy is now gone. THIS TIME the DM had plans to make the character come back as a final encounter and with no possible way to encounter him beforehand unless they get like extremely lucky with the d100 (hitting 100 for event) and everyone rolls a natural 20 at the same time excluding me.
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