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Trust me guys, I didn't come up with this.
I got this from a youtube video recounting pen-n-paper RPG stories.
Unfortunately, no names were attributed.


I played in an evil monster campaign once. All of us played monster races with Legendary Attributes, but I as a pixie warlock.  We were all fairly high level, myself having maxed out ranks in Bluff, Diplomacy, Sense Motive and Perform... specifically Perform Ventriloquism.

None of the party members were casters, nor were they very clever.

My warlock had Eldritch Spear, Darkness, Devil's Sight, Black Tentacles, and Raise Dead. I put these to good use.

Before my character met the party, I had raised up the skeleton of a young red dragon. I made my home inside the dragon's skull, and kept Improved Invisibility on me all of the time.

I used my ventriloquism skill to convince everyone that my voice was coming from the dragon, no matter where I was. So I had the entire party convinced that I was some sort of weakened dracolich.

When we'd start combat, I cast Darkness, then Tentacles, then send my pet in to kill anything that came near him while I nuked things from orbit. When the darkness faded, all they would see is twisted broken corpses, some of which were fried from my Blast. They just assumed my dragon had done it all.

Eventually, they grew fearful of how powerful the Dracolich was becoming.

I may have woven some lies about "eating" magic items to gain more strength, but truthfully my pixie would wear the items and they'd become just as invisible.

So they decided to off me.

The blackguard and the rogue ambushed my dragon and quickly killed him.

I let them celebrate their victory for a day. Then the "ghost of the dragon" started screwing with them. Eventually, I murdered the rogue, made him my new minion and rode around on his shoulders, assassinating the rest of the crew. Then I sold their stuff, raised my dragon skeleton and went on about my business.
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