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 Thank you DerVVulfman
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Many years ago, I created an animated battle system for RPG Maker XP. When I stopped maintaining it, someone  named DerVVuflman politely asked me for permission to take over. I was shocked today when I discovered that he is *still* maintaining it, and still crediting me. That is some serious dedication – and kindness, since he probably replaced all of my code long ago. I signed up to this forum just to say THANK YOU to DerVVulfman! I can't wait to check out the latest version!
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OMG! Dude! Grinning It's been so long! Great hearing from you since ... oh, some years in Creation Asylum. When was it we met, like 2005 in RMXP.Net... was it? That's when I started suggesting things to you like the pose reversal. Man, glad to see you still around! Blushing + Cheery
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And it's thanks to you Minkoff that I was able to continue making animated battlers after 2k3 got rid of them. Pleased I've been able to say it to you.

Hats off to DerVVulfman like you've said as he's put up with people like me how know very little about RGSS asking for help with it and altered and tweaked it to suit many a different format.
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