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[Suggestion/Feedback] More clear rules
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More clear rules

I think you need clearer rules of how to download content & become a full member. Or why even the need for such rules?
01-23-2018, 12:31 AM
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RE: More clear rules

There are many sites that either require one to be approved for membership without the site expressing why such a need exists.  Others may send a validation eMail requiring the applicant respond with a confirmation code of their own.  Unfortunately, some eMails such as that may end up in the Spam folder. So Save-Point does not ask for either, but does ask that a person requesting membership deliver a decent post and wait until the forum recognizes them as a member.  The fact it requests that the applicant wait until the forum detects a valid post is detailed within the registration page itself as shown here:

Registration Agreement Screenshot in Spoiler

And while considered a newcomer, there is a notification that appears on the screen detailing that a non-spam post is required for full membership privileges.  While it doesn't detail that a waiting time exists, it does state that a single non-spam post is required:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1004]

There is a need for such safeguards and security within forums, bulletin board systems, and the like. Several offsite sources wish to enter within forums in order to create promotional topics and posts, use the forum's eMail and Private Messaging systems to send advertisements, or to merely flood the forum with spam, promote warez, or content we cannot permit.

This is certainly true, as I am not only Administration here, but was promoted to Moderator status within another gaming forum which had been the target of various spam sites. I've been fairly active in ridding the site of any unwanted adverts from overseas (be it clothing, video torrents, etc).

So until the forum considers an applicant a fully recognized member, no access to any higher privileges would be granted, whether it is the User Control Panel where they can add blatant warez links in their signature, access to messaging systems, access to the download manager where they may upload illegal content, or the like.


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01-23-2018, 04:56 AM
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