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Music and sound - LAMM
[Image: header.jpg?t=1486637353]
LAMM is an indie game available on Steam.

This thread is dedicated to my part of the game creation process - the music and sound design.
Please note - all music links will take you to

If you're interested in how I went about creating a coherent soundtrack for this game then please, read on. Otherwise, you can simply - Click Here - to listen to a playlist of 4 of the songs on Newgrounds.

Jump 'n' Fall!

Part 1 - Finding the atmosphere
My goal for this soundtrack was to create a coherent "whole" across all the different worlds present in the game. I started by creating my "pallette" of sounds that I would stick to for the whole project then for each track I would only add up to one more instrument if needed.

Part 2 - Making a world
The next stage was to create songs which which represented, in sound, what you saw on the screen.

Let's take Realm 3 - Thorns, for example
This world is covered in thorns which I showed in the music with sharp contrasts of volume (loud then quiet) and texture (different types of sounds). I also wanted to keep the nature theme running in this.

How about Realm 2 - Mechanical
This world, as the name suggests, has a robotic/automated theme. For this one, I wanted to create a sense of relentlessness so I filled in as much of the sound as possible with many faster notes. I also went away from the "nature" theme available in Realms 1 and 3.

Part 3 - Sound Design
I really enjoyed making the sound effects for Lamm. Some of the sounds are actually twisted, distorted, crushed sounds made with my guitar that I recorded and changed. Others I made using synthesizers, layering a few different sounds.
One thing in common - I picked a note that fit the soundtrack in as many places as possible in order to avoid clashing sounds.
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