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 FOE (formerly Hearts Forbidden)
Frailty of Eden
The Tragedy of Adam

( Formerly Hearts Forbidden TCG)

Welcome to my Game Post. I had not originally planned to release any game information until I had a Demo, but after watching Bounty Hunter Lani's video and seeing many other projects posted I figured why not.

I proposed the Idea of a Card Based battle system a long time back. I then played the game Lost Kingdoms II and thought "That cant be too hard to replicate"…well it is. However, I figure it’s a challenge worth attempting. Having no story at the time I felt it too soon to post. However, with a book idea in hand I have decided to return to work on this. Because of the large number of cards needed to make it playable; Information here is in early stages.

As of 5/28. I have entirely revamped the intended card battle system. Dubbed as Project Card Fight, it has many features akin to BuddyFight! and Vanguard.


Genre: Card Battle Action RPG
Engine: RMXP Project
Play Style: One Player, Linear - Select One path of Several


Because my favorite tile-set is the ocean set I have placed The setting in a area similar in form to the Country located on the Horn of Africa called Somalia. There is no other similarity or reference at this time. The setting is a mix of ocean and beach land in climate to express what to expect in maps. Lots of rain, lots of water, lots of animals, but far reaching country with very few people to see or interact with.

As of 6/2. There are not two distinct play areas. The world of the Player and the world the player "observes". The world of the player is the room he/she is trapped in searching for ways to escape. There is a mysterious air of gloom to the room. Something happened here, but "what" is the question and "why" as we soon learn it was not long ago.


Card based action Role-Playing Game fought in real time. The best reference for this is Lost Kingdoms I & II. Go here to see what the reference game is like.

As of 5/28. Check out Google for BuddyFight! and CardFight Vanguard Reference material.


As of 6/2. You are the protagonist.

Your family decided to venture on a leisurely trip to Florida this year. Everyone else, decides to fly. Due to health issues, you decide to drive. However, you didn't check the weather forecast and are now stranded in the middle of nowhere in a down pour. Your car breaks down and you are forced to go door to door in the rain searching for a safe place to rest up until morning. After walking several blocks, knocking on many doors to no avail, you reach a house with all the lights on and the door strangely unlocked. Your better judgement would say...don't do this, but your drenched clothes and tired feet thrust you forward into the unknown.

"Before Update"


As of 6/2. Characters have not entirely changed from previous. However, now YOU as the player are a male or female protagonist. Instead of playing as one of the 3 male protagonist you follow them and observe their story. They are all children now, so consider yourself their guardian angel as you explore their lives while you struggle to find a way out of the abandoned house.

Protagonist is YOU the player. Your underlying attributes are based on a bit of a back story but your choices along the way are totally up to you. Keep in mind you are directed by the exploits you chosen ward.

Your Wards...

Jeremiah. Shy young man, struggling with many fears and regrets. His only outlet is joining his friends to listen to the stories of the enigmatic Mortua. He tries his best to ignore Azrael. He is often with a pair of broken head phones on. No one knows if he actually hears something, or is trying to drown something Azrael constantly calling him Jeffrey...

Azrael. Outspoken and somewhat childish, he likes to bother the quiet Jeremiah for kicks (Hey, he looks like a Jeffrey to me...heheh), but loves to explore the unknown with his friends.

Ramael. He is the oldest of the group. A mature young man who is methodical and careful natured, but go out of his way for his friends. He is easily annoyed by Azrael's antics.

Mortua. The ecclectic inhabitant of a cave along the coast. The three wards of our protagonist seek both her guidance and company to escape their everyday lives. The details of which are explored by the player. There is some relation between Mortua and the the stories she tells...are they all fiction, hmmm.

"Before Update"

Teasers and Videos

WIP Splash and Title Screens

Text Intro. Currently working on a background image to breakup the void space. Gives an early look at custom bedroom tileset

Coming Soon!

Screen Shots

The current ABS. I'm in the process of removing for a different option. However, I think it looked nice.

.jpg   CardFightABS.jpg (Size: 63.77 KB / Downloads: 2)

"Before Update"


The cards being revamped. However work about the same. You collect Weapon, Armours, Vessels (Items), Equips (same as items and Weapon but weaker non timed effects), Rites (Magic Rituals / Spells), and Event Cards. When in battle your deck include all non Event cards and can be used to attack, defend, evade, spread damage, reflects damage, counter, heal, buff, debuff, etc. Event cards are quest items. Collect something as simple as a drop of water or a flame will have its use for not only completing quest but also Crafting cards as well. Enemies are capturable to get Event Cards as well if not available as normal drops.

Story Before Update


There are two forms of battle.

ABS uses card to buff, debuff, heal, etc.

"Before Update"

The second battle type is done with cards only against NPC opponents using the Versus Engine. The Versus Engine will be further explained at a later time, but is currently on hold.

Scripting Credits (Tentative)

CardFight Engine & Related Scripts By: BE Jeremiah
Multiple Message Windows By: Wachunga Revised by Heretic
Unlimited Fogs By: game_guy
Cloud Altitude By: Heretic
XP Wave Effect By: zecomeia Edited by LiTTleDRAgo
Dynamic Lights By: kellessdee
Meagan's Particles By: DerVVulfman
HFTCG - Hearts Forbidden TCG Functions By:  BE. Jeremiah
Universal Message System By: Ccoa
Window - Hidden RGSS Class By: Selwyn
Aleworks Alib/AIM/AKM By: Aleworks
FF Damage Rewrite By: Squall
Transition Pack By: Fantasist
Pausing with F12 By: Zeriab
Zer0 Advanced Weather By: Forever Zer0
Advanced Pathfinding By: Forever Zer0
Custom Resolution By: Forever Zer0
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Wow, this look very nice! Thank you for posting!  Grinning 

Looking forward to more  Happy
[Image: SP1-ResourceHunter.png]
[Image: SP1-Writer.png]
[Image: SP1-Director.png]

Destiny of End Thread:
Destiny of End Twitter:
Destiny of End Youtube: (Coming soon)
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Hi Save-Point patrons.

I have been away for while busy with daily life and such, but I have taken a little time recently to get back to this project. A few important things that are changing.

1. The Title may change. Depending on how the story progresses.

2. I am revamping the entire method in which cards come into play. I did not like the progress I was making on copying lost Kingdoms Battle System. So I have decided to completely make my own unique card based battle system. Nothing of which relates to the previous information provided.

The main reason why... coding can be difficult and making another person's system from scratch then making it work right is no easy task.

The second more important reason... The story as it is follows is the journey vs destination model. The journey of these three men paralleling a long forgotten myth of Three Immortals (More on that in my next post) and their journeys that end repeatedly in the same spot, the destination being a trivial point throughout as it never changes. For what reason, no one knows, but the Myth of the Three Immortals is a major point in the country's history as a popular destination point. Not only for your would-be traveler but also for a host of beings from mythical creatures, ghost, and even your occasional Angel who has lost their way.


Their Fate in the Colorless Forever is the moving force in this battle System. There in lies the name, the Fate Card Battle System.

.gif   Empty Deck.gif (Size: 129.4 KB / Downloads: 4)
.gif   Empty Deck w Cards.gif (Size: 126.86 KB / Downloads: 4)
.gif   Full Deck w Trump.gif (Size: 124.51 KB / Downloads: 5)
.gif   Full Deck w Supported Trump.gif (Size: 124.41 KB / Downloads: 5)

Features Include but are no limited to ...

A Tarot-esque draw system.

Draw Cards from your Fate Deck like your normal Tarot including 78 cards (currently).
Once you have drawn from your Main Deck you can access your support deck to re-enforce your main card.

Main deck includes 27 plus cards called "Trumps".
However, dont confuse this with Persona...please. It is so much more...without the convoluted SIM portion. love the series but not playing a game for 3-4 months...

Once my card designs are done I will not have any of the 21 Arcana included. I will have my own designed trumps and suits.

Support deck includes 56 cards called "Suits". There are 4 suits; Relics, Signs, Passions (subject to change), and Possessions (Subject to change). All accessible through a growing hand called your spread.

There are zero items to manage in this game. No armor, food, accessories...nothing.

If you need to hit your enemies a little bit harder, gain the trust of the cards and support them with the relics of old. If you wish to be a force of nature observe the signs. If you need to heal, your passion for tonic and elixir will heal you through 1 of 200 abilities that are powered by your Support Deck. Are you hungry, the eat ability will afford you. Are you a ravenous animal, the devour ability will make your enemies a meal. Do you need to turn back time, all is possible!

Early in the game your vision is not clear and you will not have much control, but as the game progresses you gain access to more and more support cards in your spread starting with only 3. Eventually gaining the Redraw ability will afford you even greater control of your fate.
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Character Spotlight - Mortua

Today's character spotlight is about the enigmatic Mortua. She is one the driving characters in The Frailty of Eden.

"Before "things" that mean nothing ... made something... out of nothing. Before shapeless "things" that knew nothing of anything were trapped in color...Before angels knew what heaven was...before demons became what misery is...even humans had meaning before meaning meant anything. Before forever became whatever in the color of never. We were all Colorless."


Mortua is a woman of at first glance twenty-five to thirty some years. Undeniably a young woman by modern standards, but many would question if the cracks of age may lie somewhere much deeper than skin.

Mortua would not be described as a shapely woman, but she boast her own amount of "feeling myself" when she describes her curves. However, she would never describe herself as just "a woman" limited by social boundaries and modesty is s thing beyond foreign to her. When responding to a man leading a crowd ready to take her meandering life asked her "What are you woman!" she responded in an interesting way. Staring into the group (who to her were nothing but monsters) they saw her as little more than a woman... a witch who held tight the secrets of life eternal, she responded thus...

"A woman, yes... an emotion wrapped in skin... curved as she fills with tears and fury, lined by lips de rouge as she taste eternity, hand upon her bosom she smiles as she feeds the future, and upon her fruit - an supple apple from the elder tree - she sits on the cusp of every disaster. Dare you wrap her in color, and hide the gift away."

Regardless of her fames, her most defining trait is not however her body. Her canter, her words, as she speaks the ear lifts and takes a meaning all it own even as the mind ponders still. She is undeniably a quandary, but these are things that make her allure no surprise. However, her secrets are many, and her stories are something that entice young Jeremiah, Azra, and Ramael to ignore their parents warnings to stay away. Each day they watch the days pass by on the sand as she tells of meetings in a world not unlike their own, but strangely foreign. Where the world is a canvas and its painters are a set of ambiguous entities who unlike the young boys are not judged by the confines of today or yesterday.

As development continues more of Mortua will be revealed. That's it for now. Some character art of Mortua will be added in the near future.

Thanks for reading.
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