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 Corrupt Hearts
Hello everyone! Welcome to Corrupted Hearts.


Our story starts with out protagonist, a 15 year old boy named Dalton. He wakes up from a nightmare in which he is trapped in an unknown and deserted location. Summer vacation just started, so he decides to hang out with his older brother, Zeke. Zeke convinces his brother to go with him to poke around in the woods near town in search of something that their father supposedly hid in the woods, before he left them. After finding a mysterious book, Dalton reads from it and discovers something outstanding about himself; he has psychic powers. After finding this out, Dalton feels incredibly ill, and collapses. His brother carries him home, and once he gets back, a strange pitch black creature makes its way out of Dalton. The creature calls himself Kaizen, and attempts attacking Dalton. Zeke tries to protect him, but Kaizen is too strong, and knocks Zeke down. Kaizen states that he is in search of the missing pages of the book, and disappears to search for them. Dalton and Zeke both realize that they have to be the ones to fix this mess, and thus, they set out on their journey to find the missing pages, and defeat Kaizen. They’ll make many friends, enemies, and much more.


Team (None of them other than me are on this website)

Me: Lead developer, artist, story writer, concept artist and Sprite artist.
CustardMario (not on the forums. I know him in person): The outstanding music!
Takashishiful: Sprite Artist.
Owentheking7: The other musician!

Programs Used

Rpg Maker MV
Ms Paint (Not joking, this thing is great for making sprites. I’m not a fan of Gale.)
Paint.Net (Think of it as Photoshop’s baby cousin that doesn’t know what he’s doing.)
Medibang Paint (While I do now have SAI, I’m sticking with this to make the art for this game, simply to show that you can make truly great things without a huge budget.)
Photoshop (Other team members own this, I don’t ;-;)
GarageBand (Ryan uses this. Y’nkow what else? He’s making this sweet music on his phone! I’m so proud of him ;v;)
A pencil and sketchbooks.


Victor Engine


I am using free for commercial use scripts by many wonderful Rpg Maker scripters! (List of each will be up shortly)
If any terms have been violated, please contact me and I will try to resolve it by removing the script, or paying for usage of it. Credit will be given!

I plan on putting the game on Steam when completed. Please Support us on Steam Green Light when we get on!

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