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 Kingdom Hearts: Age of Guardians
[Image: jzq6EO7.png]
[Image: jI2DUN1.png]

This game takes place years after the xehanort saga, when three forgotten warriors awaken and attempt to piece together their memories.

[Image: 3lX6txE.png]

Unlike my previous attempts at the game, Kingdom Hearts: Age of Guardians is my first real attempt at completing a game. Although a lot of slack has hindered progress, there is still a lot of work that has been done and gone into this project. I have no plans on ever canceling this game.

[Image: QfxxHyl.png]
Complete the battle system.
Begin World Mapping.
Begin Events and Gamplay.
Add journal menu with treasures to collect.

[Image: eSuNkTC.png]
Most of these pictures are outdated. Unfortunately the newer stuff is all in beta for now, so I have no real images to show off.
[Image: Fmx1TIi.png]
[Image: jmVIQXM.png]
[Image: kh_battle_system___mode_7_by_rpgzexion-d7aevu9.gif]

[Image: 7gQFWyK.png]
[i][b]KK20 for the Tilemap Rewrite
LittleDrago for the Zoom Addon
Terv for Kiss Engine Tutorial
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Some more modern pictures:
[Image: 299cc64c93.png]
[Image: 6b14e0f623.png]
[Image: 1d55843c36.png]
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Looking good. I loved the original game (on PS2, yes?). It seems more like a proof of concept right now though, do you have a story yet?
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It kinda is a proof of concept at this point. I do have a story, but it might change completely. I've invited someone to join the team, and they accepted. Once we get started, another character will come from them completing the 3 main characters. He mentioned having some plot ideas, so depending on how detailed those are, it could potentially change the entire story. All in all, it's a very exciting process at the moment :D
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I really like this, great swing/take on the KH franchise. I look forward to seeing more! I know a few Final Fantasy fans here who definitely would like to see more.
[Image: yy7iKKb.png]

Currently working on Goblin Gulch (MV)
Currently working on JayVinci Resurrection
Currently working on Bakin ABS (BAKIN)
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I love kingdom hearts currently playing the remixed versions~
If you need a coupla tracks hit me up
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