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 Pokemon GO?
Just wanted to make a quick post about this, because apparently "Safety first" doesn't apply in some peoples' minds when playing an app that uses real life.  Confused

As you probably know by now, the "Phenomenon" of Pokemon GO has taken over!
And as you may know, there are MANY crazy stories revolving around the popular app.
Like... literally THOUSANDS of stories every day.

One person discovered a dead body while they were walking with their Pokemon GO app open. Another ended up on someone's private property and was shot.
A group of thieves even used the app's built-in pokestop areas to steal from players! 
Kids ran across highways, and one got hit, because they were trying to catch Pokemon.
Another jumped a fence, and fell right off a cliff. And another yet ended up at Area 51, looking for nearby gyms!
Strangely enough, Area 51 is a gym!
However... it's empty. So don't try going there. 

But in all seriousness...
Please, play safely. Watch where you're going. Don't go onto private property. And especially don't wander into Area 51...
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What's really funny is the amount of idiots losing their jobs over this. Laughing
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Joke's on them, pokemon never takes an "s". Harharharhar *cough*
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