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 Eternal Destiny Remake Updated 11/8/2014 Bug fix
DISCLAIMER and Content Warning:
First of all other than fantasy violence, blood and mild language this game also contains non-sexual nudity and is recommended for mature audiences. If you are offended by this then please DO NOT PLAY this game or REPLY TO this post or COMMENT.

[Image: EDTitleText_zpsc0019318.png]

About the original Eternal Destiny:

This is a remake of a complete game I made a few years back. I did not redo it exactly how it was. I chose to remake it because I felt I could do better and I got better ideas. I took peoples advice on how to make it better. Right now this is a demo of the remake. I remade it with RPG Maker VX Ace for more script and mapping options.

[Image: StoryEDIntro_zpsfe14236a.png]

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[Image: CharactersED_zpsc6505712.png]
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[Image: ScreebShotsED_zps83f3e07b.png]
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[Image: CreditsED_zpscf06e41c.png]

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[Image: EDDemoImage_zps2477eb80.png]
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Sorry for the double post. I just want to let everyone know that I updated the demo. However if you played til the end of the first demo you need to start over because I completely changed what happened on the ship if you got that far.

Also for those who might find the Shrine of Lore confusing:

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Also the spoilers in the post stopped working for some reason and I cannot figure out why.
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You had a space in just before the end spoiler bracket, nulling out the bbcode. I took the space out and it's fixed. And you posted relevant updated data, so barely considered a doublepost in this case.
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Above are clickable links

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Thank you DerVVulfman I was wondering about that.
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I am terribly sorry for the double post but I had to re upload the demo because it was freezing in one of the scenes on my friend.
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Are these your final character mugshots? They are not as good as the rest of the art.
[Image: f7d70f7d-d21f-470a-b93d-fa23cfcfaeb5_zpsfe7368c0.png] [Image: facebook_icon.png] [Image: youtube_128x128-120x120.png] [Image: deviant.png] [Image: save-point.png]
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No they're not the final mug shots. Sorry for the late reply I didn't know anyone posted. I am going to be redoing the art so it looks better.
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