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 Twine - Writing tool
I just stumbled onto this on Reddit:
It's a tool to write stories, normal ones or non-linear "choose your own adventure" style. It could be a handy tool for writing dialogue paths, branching story-lines for games etc., give it a try.

I did a quick test to see what you can do with it:
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Very similar:
Upcoming RPG XP project: Legends of the Flaming Falcons
In a distant future an ancient threat stirs...heroes of old take up their arms once more.
For my writing project that includes my rmxp project I'm also maintaining a private wiki; if you wish to follow me, let me know.
My developer blog can be found here:

[Image: Gazeteer%20-%20Pherione.gif]
Gazetteer responsible for Pherione's Developer Interviews. My thread here.

More info or questions? PM me
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I've got this awesome app called owning a pencil and paper. too bad it's analogue. :p
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