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 Game-changing spriting tool

Seems I may have jumped the gun on this one. I recently discovered a new tool, created for spriting an online final fantasy tactics clone but adaptable to other sprite types.

It can be used to turn this spritesheet:
Into these frames:
It does this using a .xml file that tells it the configuration of the input spritesheet; It currently supports 6, I think, different Final Fantasy Tactics-styled sprites, a few effects, and is still undergoing developement and improvement. You can find the tool here, and I suggest you read the thread in its entireity.

It runs under windows or linux with wine, but screenshots are not a possibility right now as one of the large windows flickers too much =_=
[Image: cautionary.png]
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Took someone long enough! Though Anime Studio can do the same thing, it is more expensive and more complicated. I really like the bone features.
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Wow, this actually looks really awesome. I couldn't focus on this solely because I want my characters to be able to turn their bodies to the camera and what not, but this could help me build up more mundane actions and possibly even environmental set-pieces. Thanks, mate.
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An example of it's gif export feature:
[Image: chocobofftcyokoanimatio.gif]
[Image: cautionary.png]
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