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 Animals that should be monsters
this is a thread for when you see a picture of an animal, and your first reaction is "wow that'd be a good enemy"

[Image: squids_zpsc49c6db1.png]
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[Image: insect-photo.jpg]
The spiny flower mantis.
Its a native of south east Africa.
Quite popular amongst "bug" hobyists.
[Image: V6fzBqz.png]
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[Image: flat,550x550,075,f.jpg]

Glaucus Atlanticus or "Blue Angel", a fancier form of sea snail.
I think I remember seeing these in a Final Fantasy somewhere...
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[Image: Tasmanian_devil_head_on.jpg]

The Tasmanian Devil : A cute animal with a "No F&*#s given" attitude. Doesn't really spin tornado-style like the cartoons show, but I wish it did. Kinda reminds me of an ex ;D

[Image: Angry-ostrich.jpg]

The Ostrich : The original Angry Bird! Also, an emu or any other large bird would do. Look, this n00b forgot to equip before battle and is now stuck trying to use the Flee command.

[Image: 1793748114_1365337783.jpg]

Chimera... CAT?! :
A chimera is usually a mix of different animals that should not be, but in this case... awww, just look at it! That gaze is really just Harvey Dent planning to get back at The Batman.
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[Image: cd1c58eeb4.jpg]

Nothing to say. In german it's called "Fingertier", in english I think aye-aye.
[Image: 76561198077561206.png]
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Fingertier is far more appropriate
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The Steampunk fish!
[Image: ocean-creatures-fangtooth-fancy.jpg]
It's called Fangtooth fish. Quite appropriate.
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[Image: strange-animals-you-probably-12.jpg]

[Image: strange-animals-you-probably-22.jpg]
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on cracked the other day
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Seriously, Kasper???
[Image: 261299.jpg]

That is NOT a caterpillar. THAT IS A WALKING TOUPEE!!!
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[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]

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