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Looking to Teach Music Again.
There comes a time when every student must move on from under the wing of his teacher. It turns out that the kid I've been helping out for the past two years is now, in my opinion, ready to give professional music a shot. (This is him here:
So... I'm looking for a new student. Anyone who wants to learn about making music to a professional standard (but not necessarily as a profession, that's up to you) is welcome, so long as they take music seriously.

What I'm looking for... I'm looking for either a complete beginner or someone with bare-basic knowledge. Any age is welcome but I work better with people my age or younger (I'm 24) as I have experience with those age groups. I will not teach you HOW to compose, but I will help you acquire the tools that will enable you to do so yourself. This way I will not influence your style or ruin the fun of learning all the great things there are to know about sound.

What's my motivation? I enjoy teaching and I enjoy helping others unlock their potential. I have a degree that will allow me to become a languages teacher in secondary schools a year from now so this is also work experience for me (unofficially). Also, as some of you may know, I have chosen to not pursue music as a career any more for several reasons and this is also part of why I want to help others - we are no longer in competition.

What can I provide? Training in composition, orchestration, mixing, mastering, recording and MIDI programming thanks to over 10 years worth of experience in music: I also taught guitar for 3 years. Solid advice, in-depth feedback, and emotional support. Promotion to hundreds if not thousands of people, minimal marketing training, connections with people already established in the industry, opportunities for work experience and, to top it all off, real guitar and bass recordings if they're needed on occasion.

Things to consider first: My primary genres are hard rock, heavy metal, blues, classical, film-score and retro electronica. I can't teach you how to make EDM or something like that.

I am offering this to you guys here at Save-Point and RMD first of all but I'll extend this further if nobody's interested here. :)

Not sure I'm up to it? You can read about me on my site:

Cheers guys. :)
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Well I guess nobody here is interested then. *sigh* Free music lessons that would cost you £20 minimum and hour normally, and there are no limits in how much time I would dedicate to helping you.
Can't say I didn't offer. :)
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