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 Arbor's Eve
(02-02-2023, 08:59 PM)KasperKalamity Wrote: The Villageburg interior maps are now finished!

[Image: st5MZzk.png]

I wanted to show off this area in particular. This is the first place you go after the game starts. You enter through a cheese cave [click here] beneath the hill that the house sits on. There's a party going on inside with a band once I find/make the charsets, and nobody notices that you enter wearing a waiter's clothes. Eventually the jig is up and you make an escape from the parapet. This is where the cool undercover spy music is playing [click here]

[Image: 0Ux2zzg.png]

Mount Athos is still here. Aside from that, I recall the demo had a similar intro. As for band sprites, I think those are the closest thing I've ever found:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1722]

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Comic intro as one. the pages flip while you're actually playing. 

[Image: 4j0FxZx.png]
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