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 Arbor's Eve
Hey Kasper!

Played the demo from the beginning and enjoyed it. There are a few bugs though that I think you should know about. Also, where does the demo end? I definitely had fun with it though. Great job. Alot of time has gone into this and I cant wait for more.

There are minor grammatical issues
No wall in Strayer's house to distinguish downstairs.
When you get to Benzol, you can walk on the cliffs
If you get Angela, when you go and find Strayer and Jayce you can go back to room 9 and end up doing the whole date sequence again.
If you talk to Vibeke, when you go to her room she will say excuse me but never leave. If you go up to her, she says the same thing over and over.
After you date Angela, you can still see Vibeke by the performer's entrance
In the boat, some lady will ask to switch branches, dont know what that is for.
After the battle with Ahti, when you wash up on shore everyone is still knocked out meaning once you get into a battle it is auto game over. Luckily I had some transfusion kits.
Due to passability issues with the bridge, you can actually skip the whole caves and go to Green Oaks.
In Green Oaks, you can walk on the tents that Feore is by.
Riboflavin NPC can float in the air over by the cliff and water.
You can skip going to Jayce's house and go see Lobuz, dont know if thats intended or not because after I saw Lobuz, the scene in the house is as if I never went.
Fountain in green oaks has priority/passability issues
Windows by Learnatorium can be walked on
Cliff passability by treasure chest / funny thing is without that glitch you cant get to that cave because there is a green cactus thing that blocks your way on the path to the cave
In the cave, passability issues, can walk on ceiling. (Only on entrance it seems)

...where does the demo end? I apparently went further than intended. :D Fun demo. Cant wait for more.
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i'm glad somebody played it, but thats still an embarassing amount of bugs....

there is no wall in Strayer's house, I was trying to make an open loft.

the whole dating branch was always really screwy for some reason, i could never get it to work right. the woman in the boat asking you to switch branches was there so i could quickly test the alternate hidden interlude chapter, i guess i just forgot to take her out. did you go directly to the desert? or somewhere else?

i fixed the bridge in the desert by putting deeper water under it.

just fixed the passability with the tents and the learnatorium windows.

the demo ends after you fight the basatrisk, which is a super easy fight because at the last minute i decided i wanted to create a battle pattern for it, and just left it blank so i could get the demo out. you go back into the cave, and end up somewhere else.

anyhow, thanks for actually playing it.
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Well for Strayer's loft, you can actually just go through it to the downstairs haha.

And the branches, I changed it back because I figured it wasnt supposed to be there. So I did end up in the desert, however all my players were knocked out so when I got into a battle it was auto gameover. Luckily I had some transfusion kits that I bought and revived everyone.

It doesn't seem the cave is ready as there were no enemies in the desert or in the cave and when I killed the Basatrisk, it was like a one hit fight. Then when I got back into the cave, nothing happened. I went to Lobuz and she acted like I didnt destroy the nest. So I figured the demo was supposed to end around that point and stopped playing.

It wasn't bad, just passability issues were big ones as I could cut through a decent portion of the game. Being the gamer that I am, I still went through and played it how I should have.

Ended up with 1 and a half hour of playing time so it was worth it IMO.

Like I said, Im looking forward to what happens next. =)
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did you use the misplaced forest guide?

after you killed the basatrisk and re-entered the cave, it should have teleported you to a different cave to end the demo. that cave will eventually lead to another dungeon, and eventually one of the main villains of the game (there are 4)

if this demo only took you an hour and a half, and providing for having used the misplaced forest guide included in the .rar, then i'm guessing the entire game will be somewhere between 6-10 hours when completed. did you do the jobs at the villageburg town hall? there area few jobs there that lead into a hunting lodge where you hunt various creatures, and eventually learn why there is such genetic diversity among the monsters. by the time i had finished my test, my file was around 1:47, and that's without doing the sidequests, or any grinding. i personally don't like grinding, so i want to make my game so that it's not a requirement. i had to go in as a bare bones character, and build the bosses from the ground up so that they would just be challenging enough. i'm going to be looking into the dynamic enemy system script for a later release.

the next demo should have the conclusion of the junior college of witchery and magic making, another desert map with a civilization that lives under the sands, trip to heaven, a dwarf village, an open prairie, a great clam spirit, and a tower that connects our world to the super crazy backwards world that sits just on top of ours.
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I didnt do any grinding, I ran alot. I didn't do any of the jobs, didn't look tbh. Ill have to go back and do that. And I did not use the forest guide. I did alot of saving and restarting...>_> Maybe cheap but not as cheap as using the guide lol. I think the only sidequest I did was kill that crow.

Btw, without grinding (I was at Lv 8 at the end of the demo) the game was pretty challenging in terms of the battles. I mainly battled to get money to buy new equipment. But there were a few times I would find myself getting owned by the regular monsters haha, especially in the jungle. I ran from all those dinos. Also in the forest, if you encounter a forest spirit, I dont think you can do any damage to least when I attacked it always was 0.

I eventually tried to just avoid the battles so I can advance through the game. I probably did spend a good while longer that the ~1:30 that was recorded because I did do alot of saving and reloading...

Sounds like you got alot more coming along. I liked the idea of the snow town being buried under and the "cold as ice" dungeon music haha.

Looking forward to more.
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you need magic to damage the forest spirits. i made a sharp and a blunt element to apply to the weapons for just such a reason. i know i have to tone down some of the monsters, especially in the desert. how did you find the pacing of the story? I'm trying to make each of the chapters really belong to a single character. what about my attempts at humor and drama? i see
the foreigner reference didnt go over your head, which is nice. did you catch that the fire portion of that dungeon was hot blooded?
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and a note on the basatrisk desert/cave- i never planned on those two areas. my original plan was to just introduce one of the antagonists by kasper winning a vacant house in a lottery, but that idea was stupid. there will be enemies there the next time around, i just didnt have a chance to draw any. i like diversity in games, and since there is no such thing as a pallette swap in nature, didnt want any in my game. the only exception being the cave/forest spirits, since theyre manifestations of energy.
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some time tonight i'm getting back to work on this. it's been about 2 months. does anyone want to be in the game, or have any requests as to what should be in it?
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i started thinking way ahead, and came up with the demon that a cult summons towards the 2/3 mark. I haven't settled on its name yet.

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i've been busy Savepoint. mostly with music. not a whole lot in rmxp.

Title Screen:
[Image: titlewipcopy.jpg]

Title Theme:

.mp3   Title Screen.mp3 (Size: 1.1 MB / Downloads: 5)

default battle theme 1:

.mp3   battle 1.mp3 (Size: 590.1 KB / Downloads: 0)
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