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 Dalissa's Battle Cry
Dalissa's Battle Cry
Version: 5

This script, requested by a couple of my friends here in .org allows you to play audio clips that occur during attacks independant of the audio system built into 'battle animations'.

  • Link audio effects to enemy battlers and actor battlers
  • Compatability to the DBS system, RTAB system, ParaDog's CTB (2.58), and XRXS CBS system (currently checked version 65a!)
  • Adaptable to AnimBat! and Animated Battlers - Enhanced (versions 4.7 or better)

Heh. I named it after one of my friends at work. :D

Ummm... it's audio.

Mimi and Dalissa

*Instructions are also in the script*
Pretty much plug and play. Place it BELOW your BattleSystem's scripts (and below AnimBat@ or Animated Battlers - Enhanced if applicable).

BIG time.

Credits and Thanks
Thanks to both Mimi-Chan and Atlaswing for requesting it.

Author's Notes
It was a little more... painful?... than Mimi's Battle music. I totally forgot that a 'Do Nothing' attack is available for battlers. It was driving me nuts why it was still playing effects for no reason.
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After all this time....
to Version 5.0!!!!

Along with Mimi's Battleback Changer and Mimi's Battle Music

All three are included within the same demo and have been massively upgraded with a new configuration system.
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