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 ACBS - Atoa Custom Battle System 3.2
ACBS - Atoa Custom Battle System
by Atoa

Please don't post this script in other sites or comunity without autorization.

Last Update: 19 - February - 2011


Finally my script is done.
This is the ACBS, an 100% animated battle system that allows you to create battles of different styles
Having a very high level of customization.
With this system you can make side view, front view or isometric battles.
And all of it without changing one line in the core script.

- 100% Animated Battle
- Compatible with battlers of different styles
- Allows the use of different styles battlers at the same time
- Very high level of customization
- A lot of useful built-in systems
- A lot of add-ons to change the battle.
- When using an skill withou an assigned animation, it will use the weaponanimation automatically


[Image: th_Img12-7.png]

[Image: th_Img13-19.png]

[Image: th_Img15-12.png]
Belive or not, this is the same battle system with different configuration.


How to Use

The most recomended is to use the demo as base of you projetc

If that isn't possible, copy the scripts between the script Scene_Debug and the script Main on the demo, paste them in the same order as they were on the demo


Theres a lot of optional script within the demo.
All of them are bellow the script Main, so they have no effect;

To activate them, just move them to above the script main, placing them bellow the battle main code

Configuring custom battlers

This is one of the better funcions of this script, allowing you to configure different patterns for the animations frames according to the battler graphic file name.

In the Advanved Configurations, you will find a place named "CUSTOM GRAPHICS POSES CONFIG"
In that place you can configure the poses individually for each graphic
[Image: img1-21.png]

In red: This is the battler graphic file name.
[Image: Img10-13.png]

In green: These are the basic configuration.
'Base' => [X, Y, SPD, Mirror]
'Base' = this is the value that sets the base settings, don't change.
X = number of horizontal frames. Numeric value higher than zero. Default 4.
Y = number of vertical frames. Numeric value higher than zero. Default 11.
SDP = Movement Speed. Numeric value higher than zero. Default 200.
Mirror = invert graphic. true or false. Default false.

'Base' => [4, 11, 200, false]

In blue: The blue values are the configuration of each pose.
Pose_ID => [Frames, Time, Loop]
Pose_ID = The Pose ID. Numeric value higher than zero.
Frames = Number of animation frames. Numeric value higher than zero.
Time = Duration of each frame pose.Numeric value higher than zero.
Loop = Animation Loop. true or false.

5 => [4, 4, true]
[Image: th_Img11-9.png]


The script have hundreds of configurable values, all of them with their explanation.
I won't give support to lasy people who doesn't read them.

Study the demo so you can see how everything was done.


Version 3.22 Demo
Atoa Custom Battle System 3

.rar   atoa custom battle system 3 - eng.rar (Size: 2.51 MB / Downloads: 45) for Version 3.2.1 March 9, 2011

If you having problems in opening the projetc, copy the data, graphics and audio folders, create an new project, and paste it on the new project


Quote:Q:Work on VX? You can do one for VX?
A:No and No.

Q:How do I use charset instead of sprites?
A:If you want to use charsets, it's better to use the SBS Tankentai XP. This script isn't good for using charsets.

Q:It's possible to do [insert here you function of choice]?
A:Like i said abov, I won't give support to lasy people. So explore the script configuration before asking.

Q:Can you add a system that do [insert here you function of choice]?
A:It's depends on the system, if i think it would be good i can add in an future update.

Q:The battlers are screwed, what happened?
[Image: Img5-13.png]
A:If you're not using custom battlers, it's because the battler pattern is different from the default
So you must make an custom configuration for it.

Now, if it's already have an custom configuration, it's beacause the config is wrong.
Check the values like the ones indicated on the image bellow and see if they're right

[Image: img2-20.png]

Credits and thanks
•Created by Atoa

- To the scripters that had some of yours scripts used as study material or as base of some functions of the battle system
SephirotSpawn - (
SleepingLionheart - (
CCOA - (
Charlie Fleed - (
Farenheight - (
RTH - (?)
XRXS - (?)
KGC - (?)
Cogwheel - (?)

- For helping with the system debug
XeloX - (
Apocrifis - (
Neoz Kaho - (
No ID/dpoteat - (
MayorAnime - (
Linkei - (
NicholasRg - (
Darknan - (
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Bump for update

# V2.0 Final | 20 - 01 - 2010
#  â€¢ Major Bug fixes
#  â€¢ New Settings for 'Individual Battle Commands' and 'Skill Reflect'
#  â€¢ Removed some features of the Chrno Trigger Battle caterpillar system (they
#    will be added as separated scripts).
#  â€¢ You can use both CT Battle and Normal Battles.
#  â€¢ Changes on Basic Config
#    Replaced Constant 'Fast_Battle' with 'Battle_Speed'
#    Added Name window edit constants: 'Name_Window_Position' and 'Name_Window_Custom_Position'
#  â€¢ New System added (Advanced Settings):
#    - Hide battlers system
#  â€¢ New Add-Ons
#    - Custom Windows Settings
#  â€¢ Scripts Updated:
#    - All
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just wanted to try out the base demo but i got an error if I start it:

Impossivel ler script, o script nao existe.

what does this mean?^^

Ok now I have an error in this line:

does something with the addons interfere? Oo
Also there is an error with the Bestiary (unintialised constant) and the Individual Battlecommands (command_color)^^
[Image: 76561198077561206.png]
Reply }
Quite strange, no one else get the error on these lines.

The only error
on Individual Battle Commands was really an mistake, and i fixed it.

In any case, i updated the download link, try downloading again the demo and tell me if the errors still occurs.
Reply }
hm there is a problem with the download, doesn't work for me^^ but the frontal sample download works

Edit: After waiting for about 10 minutes the download finaly worked^^ But I got a few errors (of course temporarily I just use your scripts and addons):

1. The same as above: Advanced Enemy Status line 329 syntax error
2. With almost every addon (except a few like ctb because I use the atb, 2 Victory Windows or the Battle Animated Faces) I got an error after a battle with the Chrono Trigger Battlesystem. Maybe it was because I lvled up but not sure... (line 1238, undefined method 'dead?')
3. If I want to open the status screen I got an error in ACBS | Battle Main Code line 567
4. When I am speaking with the Monsterbook guy an error occures in line 536 (name error)

If I find more I will Edit this post again or make a new one, I hope I can help you optimizing your battlesystem^^

5.Just wanted to summon Tarma and got an name error in line 730 - 'reset bars'
6.If I change the escape thing to escape with bar an error occures as soon as I press A in Battle: line 1473, type error
[Image: 76561198077561206.png]
Reply }
All errors fixed, except by the error:
Quote:3. If I want to open the status screen I got an error in ACBS | Battle Main Code line 567

I couldn't replicate this error here.
Reply }
First off let me say great script,
I have no idea how to edit scripts and tend to screw them up,
With that said,

How would I have to edit the script to get 5 party members to be visible on the screen at once
& have the HP and MP shown the same way as in example pic?

[Image: 344401-battle_super.gif]

Another question,
How would/or do I have to edit the script to get animated boss monsters that fill up the whole screen?

[Image: drkfrce1.gif]

One last question.
Is there anyway for this script to add custom Icons for Atk, Skill, Item, & Def,
Not to mention add a Technique option as well for special skills?

I am using Dargor's Large party script.
My current Project is being made in RPG Maker XP.

Thank you for your time.
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Wow battle system Phatasy star like?
And may it be to do battlers at left part of the screen, and not at bottom?
Reply }
The first step to set the battle front view is go to the "ACBS | Config 1 - Basic" script and go to line 49 and chaging the "Battle_Style" to "2", also make sure to set the "Auto_Set_Postions" on line 56 true.
You can also adjust de battlers position to fit your status screen in the lines 68 and 69
Actor_Position_AdjustX = 0
Actor_Position_AdjustY = 0

To set more than 4 members, just go to line 61 and set the "Max_Party" value equal the number of member you want (in your case 5). And it's compatible with most large party scripts.

You can also edit the battle status do look *almost* equal the one of the image, except by the icon that shows the current action. (i'm planning to make an add-on for that later).

About the enemy sprite it's a bit more complicated.
I suggest you posting the scripte you're going to use with all frames you need(iddle, attacking, skil and such). So i can explain how you can set it.

About the command icons you would need an external script to edit the battle command window.

As the screen shots shows, you can set the battlers position/directions as you want.

You can made it side view, (from both sides, with actor's on left and enemies on right, or enemies on left and actors on right), front view (Phantasy star like), Isometric (Breath of Fire Like), or 4 directions (i don't remember any game that use this xD), and 4 directions on map battle (Chrono Trigger like)
Reply }
I will post the frames I'll be using as soon as I finish all my sprite and graphic work,
I have a lot of larger enemies that don't fit in the normal animated monster battle template,

While working on my graphics I noticed your one for chaz only has his dagger atk graphics and I have both his Dagger and Sword graphic which I want to implement into my game, But being a script tard I have no clue how to edit script at all.

I did change the max party number to 5 but it still isn't right,

[Image: 264hpo1.png]

Plus I would like to remove the HP & TP bars from the battle as well.
Sorry to be such a P.I.t.B.
Reply }

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