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 Super Simple Vehicle System - Enhanced
Super Simple Vehicle System - Enhanced
Ver 10.8

"This is a vehicle system that is similar to the Final Fantasy system. In this system, you get vehicles (a canoe, ship, and dragon), the world tileset for Aveyond 2 (free to use in freeware games), and some autotiles." - Lambchop (creator of Aveyond)

From Lambchop:
"Lol, you seem to have a talent for taking tools and making them extraordinary. :)"
We've been keeping in touch. :D

  • Can make more than one vehicle.
  • Can have vehicles on various maps, not limited to just one world map.
  • Disable encounters for certain vehicles
  • Prevent vehicles from 'landing/dismounting' on certain terrain types
  • Mobile HQ system capacity
  • Different speeds for different vehicles
  • Custom music for vehicles
  • Custom background sound FX for vehicles
  • Multiple terrains per vehicle
  • More options available for vehicles
  • Configurable board/exit & HQ buttons.
  • Compatible with 'Enhanced Squad Movement'.
  • Compatible with MGC's Mode7 and my edit of MGC's Mode7.
  • Compatible with Big Maps.
  • Uses either "Permanent Event Erase" (supplied) or a compatible Dynamic Maps script.

[Image: OsAiyzs.png]
Am older screenshot courtesy of Lambchop. The map is kinda the same
[Image: pr2BaBZ.png]
Taken in a project with 'Big Maps', 'Enhanced Squad' and Mode7' combined

Right here
To board a boat, ship or dragon, press the [Shift] key to board or exit a vehicle.
To enter a Mobile Headquarters (the dragon), press the [Esc] key.
Keys are programmable from the script.

Or Right here for a demo with Mode7 added.

This version is different from Lambchop's version as the actual editing of the script is in a configuration section at the top. I'm good with arrays it seems.

Also, there is less to add to the actual 'vehicle' map events than hers.

Mind you, the script has most of the instructions you really need. Or I am too lazy right now. Downloading the demo is the best way to learn.

Based on:
Super Simple Vehicle System & World Map
by Lambchop (09-19-2007)

Submitted Patches for...
Just a little further down is a section for 'script patches' that allow compatability with other systems or enhances to the Vehicle system. This will hopefully be a growing section.

When riding a vehicle, you do not have access to either the Field Menu or Save menu options. However if you are using a Mobile Headquarters (a Final Fantasy-styled feature), you can enter the field and/or save menu while in the Headquarters.

The system is basically in a 'final version' stage... merely accessing any possible bugs. No other features will be added, however new features may be added through external add-on scripts. Conflicts with other scripts will require external patches or edits as I cannot guarantee them working with other systems.

Credits and Thanks
To Lambchop... DUH! And to SephirothSpawn who inspired and showed her how to make the first version of this script. Thanks to Regimos and Monk for detecting a minor (yet stubborn) bug that occurs when landing next to a map event (now fixed). Another thank to Regimos for detecting a glitch where the main menu was accidentally re-enabled in a regular vehicle. To Alistor and mephisto for supplying the code for animating vehicles in motion, and again to Alistor for discovering the ability to accidentally debark a vehicle when exiting a mobile HQ. And to shannon who suggested terrain tags that may not be 'landable', even if they are passable. Also, thanks goes to Regimos for noting that 'landed' vehicles permitted other vehicles to pass across/into impassable terrains. Finally, thanks to Primetime as he noticed that only the first actor in the database changed and not the 'lead' member in the party (if the 1st actor isn't the lead anymore). Thanks goes to yamina-chan who noted how characters moving quickly may shift vehicles off their designated terrains, & discovering that the use of the Add Event fix was needed. Thanks to Habs11 for finding fault in an unneeded save_data method. Also to Sujabes467 who noted an issue where vehicles passed through solid events. Then thanks to Geminil who noted an issue where vehicles disappeared when the player leaves the game map. And finally, thanks to Nathylia who requested that certain events could be animated after landing/disembarking.

Terms and Conditions
The system is designed for royalty-free usage in private, shareware and commercial games. The only requirement is due credit to myself, Lambchop, SephirothSpawn, and everyone else in the Credits and Thanks section.

The world tileset for "Aveyond 2" is free to use in freeware games, and are the accompanying autotiles.

[Image: xp_warning.png]
Image has link to Enterbrain's Download Page
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Submitted Patches for...

It's a given that this custom map/movement system will probably conflict with some other map and/or movement script. So this post is to hold patches that make the other system work with this one.
The Lycan ABS / Vehicles Patch

The Behemoth Metroid / Vehicles Patch
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Hey DerVVulfman. This is a great script and I just had a question about it. Is there a way to transport you character from a map directly into a vehicle?

For example, let's say your character is rescuing a fellow party member from a castle and the escape plan is to meet up with his ship next to the ocean where the castle is located. The character escapes on his ship, etc, etc. The next scene would be you riding on your ship on the world map somewhere close to the castle, where you have complete control as though you boarded your ship from a beach or what not. Is this possible? I've seen this effect in some of the FF games and thought it would be worth a shot to try. Thanks for your time.

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Now THAT... is an interesting option. Shocked

I never thought about script calls to transfer players to/from a vehicle in such a manner. It does warrant looking into. Cheery
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Much appreciated. Please let me know if you come up with anything. If it's too much work and time consuming, don't worry about it. I'll make due no problem. Thanks again.

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Well, in the works right now. However, transfers will only occur to vehicles in the same map. That is the one 'limitation' ya got so far. DerVVulfman goes off to posting stuff.
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Hey no problem. That will be easy. I can hide the screen, transport to world map, then transport to the vehicle. Easy money. Thanks for the look into it.

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Can this work on Rpg maker vx???
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Designed for RPGMaker XP. RMVX already has its own vehicle system, though it is more limited than mine. Tongue sticking out
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HelP! I like the script because it has lots of advantages than the original one, but the landing part, i did followed the terrain part, but why doesn't it land???
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