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 ACBS - Atoa Custom Battle System 3.2
(03-02-2019, 04:20 AM)DerVVulfman Wrote: OMG!

I took a look... and here's my analysis and reasoning:
  1.  I tried the "EASY" battle as your screenshot clearly depicts those phantoms.
  2. I can confirm that *Yes* there is a very WEIRD issue with that hero making a dash to the top of the screen
  3. Examining the TROOP database, I saw nothing weird
  4. Replaying, I noticed the ghosts followed a very specific pattern, melee attacks first, fire attacks second, defending on the third, rinse and repeat.
  5. After that, I looked at the Phantoms in the Enemy database, and saw that it was set up for those attacks based on turns... nothing yet.
  6. I decided that since the weird glitch always occurred on the 2nd round with the fire attacks. to check out the fire spell
  7. Looking at the FIRE spell, I saw that it not only did regular damage, but ran a common event:  Common Event #1
  8. So I went and looked at Common Event #1..... *BINGO!*  Found the culprit!

Victor Sant has a scripted command in Common Event #1 that moves that battler to a specific location on the screen, the spot you're now showing.  It is this command that is causing you the grief.  Just have the FIRE skill not use the Common event and you'll be fine.  

But I would keep that common event itself handy.  It appears to show how you can move battlers around while the battle is playing out.  That is, it could be handy if you are making cutscenes while in-battle, and have a fair knowledge of scripting.

Shocked  Wow, to think it was just a small event that caused this issue for me. Anyway, thank you for the help!  Very cheery
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