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Trust me guys, I didn't come up with this.
I got this from a website recounting pen-n-paper RPG stories.



Alright, I think the weirdest, and funniest thing to happen to me was when we were in this cave. Our DM was being a dumb-ass and had us in a realm where there were Nazi vampires (real original). We were all Lvl 5 and I was a Human barbarian/rogue.

At the beginning of our adventure, our cleric got bored and decided to make a jug of holy water JFL. Anyways, we were fighting the head leader Nazi vampire and he was on a wall. We were almost dead and out of ways to attack him, or hurt him for that matter. I remembered that our cleric made a jug of holy water, so I had him hand it to me.

I said that I was going to throw it at the vampire, which was only 15ft away. Now let’s do some math. There are 16 oz. in a cup. There are 2 cups in a pint. There are 2 pints in quart. There are 4 quarts in a gallon. Normally, that would be 248d4 holy water damage.

He had me roll to see if I could hit him. I rolled high, and got him in the back. Because our DM was being cranky though, he only had me do 36d4 against the vampire, but even so, I did 61 damage against it, which was enough to kill it. We still laugh now at how we won against it.

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07-16-2021, 03:25 AM
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