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 Requirements for Generated A.I. Content
Dear friends,

It appears that Save-Point must draw a line which other sites have already, the separation between what is generated by machines and that of an individual. I understand that some may try to blur the line between using a simple faceset or characterset generator such as CharasProject, or Dall-E. Or that they spent some time to use an online tool such as Stable Diffusion to create something. However, a line does need to separate these instances.

There has been much talk within the art and music industry whereby many feel their actual identity stolen by A.I. Generators, and there have been incidents where A.I. had done so with actual criminal intent. Actual criminal intent is not forcing a ban upon A.I., for technology itself is neutral. It is the user that may use it for good or ill purposes. However, with the proliferation of A.I. for content development, rules needed to be created.

Do realize that most artwork created by A.I. is derived from some manner of source material, and there have been actual lawsuits over issues of copyright and plagiarism.  Save-Point is not placing banishment against A.I. creations. However, guidelines needed to be identify works that are A.I. generated, protect those who may wish their use without realizing any legal status of the works, and consider the artists both within the forum and without.

As of today, 19th of November 2023, all A.I Generated content, whether it be in audible, visual, prose or any other format, must be identified by the content poster as an A.I. generated product. It must be the responsibility of the poster as the A.I. generators would not actively contact us.
●      ●      ●

Within the forum's Creativity Section board, the sub-forums now contain tags to identify threads that are for solely A.I. Generated content, and topics that contain a mixture of contemporary and A.I content. Within those threads that may contain both contemporary and A.I. content, the content itself must be immediately identified as such.

All other primary boards within the forum already contain their own prefix icons, and thus cannot be so-marked.  As such, all other posts within the forum must unfortunately now contain notifications of A.I. content made as of today's date.

●      ●      ●

Please realize that A.I. Generated content is neither covered nor protected under Copyright Law, it having been ruled that copyright only covers creations of actual human content. The comically famous 'monkey selfie' case of 2015 being the basis.

While accidental incidents of non-compliance may occur, there had to be established penalties if one was negligent. However, repeated intentional offenses by any individual will be treated as if that individual plagiarized content and summarily banned. Please do not consider this heavy-handedness. Content generated by A.I. tools are derived from other sources and could be construed as plagiarized, and willful disregard thus would warrant such discipline.
[i]●      ●      ●[/i]

Changes have been made to the forum's User Submissions & Member Rights of Ownership clause. It now includes the following: "Do note that content generated by A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) technologies may not be subject to copyright laws, and are not guaranteed." Likewise, the Save-Point's Rights and Limitations clause now states "You are required to indicate any A.I. generated content posted as being such.".
For a more exacting read, please refer to the FORUM RULES which are also available within the top of the forum display.
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