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[Game Discussion] Where did Moghunter Go?
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Where did Moghunter Go?

For those that have been using the menus and systems by moghunter for years, [font=Courier New] has been a familiar home away from home.  And if you kept current, you may have been a regular at However, one may become shocked at the now-recent disappearance of Atelier.

But hope is certainly not lost, as he changed his content over to a new wordpress site, that being: as of April this year.

Here at Mog Plugins, you will be able to find old friends, whether they be RPGMaker XP, VX or even MZ.  But the content isn't divided into individual scripts.  If you wish to download an RPGMaker VXAce script, be ready to download the entire 24 demo package.[/font]

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05-13-2021, 08:48 PM
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