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 April 'Fooled' Finds 2021
Yup. I was bored enough to do this again, but This time, I hope I find some interesting ones this year. Especially since I hadn't done this sort of thing in a long time. Like before, I'll be going by and seeing what April Fools Shenanigans are going on, mostly on the web, and post them on this thread. If any one of you found one before me, Go ahead and post as well. I don't mind. Really.

Well, I'll be posting 'Fooled' finds when I find them. Speaking of which....
  • (This site) - Already showing April Fools things, as usual. The Save-Point Logo is upside down, DerVVulfman has changed his profile pic to a gif of one of the Darkstalkers fighters. By the looks of it it's B.B. Hood/Bulleta from.... I guess Darkstalkers 3. I don't really know which game that character comes from, as I usually don't keep track of fighting games that much, unless I have an interest to it. Following that, My avatar on this site is the same thing as I've been using lately, but red.
  • Hololive JP - Apparently, the Hololive Gamers have evolved, and embraced their wild side, based on this YouTube video. I'd recommend turning Subtitles on if you don't understand Japanese. Not only that, other Hololive Vtubers, that probably wasn't involved in the little video below, are also doing silly April fools Stuff. Huh... Makes me wonder if the EN branch is going to participate in the Fooling.


Great April Fools video with amazing delivery.
- Pokemon has posted a whole lot of Bidoof in their YouTube and social media profiles. I wonder if Bidoof became the new mascot... Apparently, I got an email from the Pokemon Company that pretty much says "Bidoof".

 - Youtubers are, once again, uploading their April Fools Jokes.

 - The Hololive EN Branch is actually doing an April Fools Joke as well, as they went from their typical anime-looking style to a more.... cartoony-chibi look...?
Somewhere 1 hour in this archived stream, you can see what they look like for the day, as the first half is them looking normal.

 - Mabinogi, a game I revisited recently, and was in the 2018 and 2019 fooled finds, are doing something a bit different. Pixel art stuff! Might be because of new management, the old replace character models in login screen thing might not happen this time. I'm not checking this time.

 - On the right side of RMN's site, 2 Spotlight sections are "hhf" with a small description that says "hgf" The links to these two spotlights link to the project profiles of Oneshot and Dreaming Mary.

 - It looks like Fortnite is doing something with the Stonks Meme guy.... Well why not. I'm in the midst of making an impressions video of Fortnite for my YouTube Channel, so I better take a look. Oh. It's a skin which costs 1200 V-bucks. Never mind then.

 - Final Fantasy XIV tweeted on Twitter:
"We are very sorry to announce that we are removing catboys from the game. Cry
Unfortunately, they are an invasive species. For the protection of all of our players, male Miqo'te characters will be required to Fantasia before logging into the game after the upcoming hotfix."

Wonder what all the hubpub's about on this. Oh well. I don't play FFXIV. I tried it once, but I wish it had a free-to-play option.

 - Mojang made Minecraft Plus! You can get it here:
I just made two thread on here you're welcome.

They are essentially retreads of jokes from 2013 but i ran out of time
(04-01-2021, 10:36 PM)Remi-chan Wrote: I just made two thread on here you're welcome.

They are essentially retreads of jokes from 2013 but i ran out of time

I take it these are it.
And with that, the 'Fooled' Finds is done for the year..... or more. At least for me. I'd much rather end it a half hour early instead of late.

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