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 Wednesday's Timer: The Centisecond Alternative
Wednesday's Timer:
The Centisecond Alternative

Version: 1.0


This script permits you to use your PC's actual time in order to create a more accurate pause system instead of using the RGSS scripted counter method. It does this by way of Ruby's built-in Time class to acquire the current time.


"Look Under Here (CLICK)"


In a nutshell, paste this into your script library below Scene_Debug. And use the script call 'centi_wait(time)" where time is a numeric value. A value of 100 in this call will make a 1-second delay, and a value of 2350 will make a 23 1/2 second delay.


Designed solely for RPGMaker XP right now. And it rewrites three methods, two in Game_Character and one in the Interpreter class. Notes have been added in the script for any would-be scripter.

Terms and Conditions

Free for use, even in commercial games.
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