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 The Untold Story: Fighting for a New World
So... should this project sport a RenPy badge now?
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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RenPy badge? You mean the platform icon? Because I cant figure out how to change it if yall do have Renpy. If not maybe. If im not only one. Am I only one here using Renpy? xD
~Love Without Boundaries~
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You're not the first. Happy And I have icons for Gamemaker, Stencyl, PHP/Web and Unity too.

For typical members, all they need to do is to hit 'FULL EDIT' of their first post to be able to change the icon and the title of their topic/thread.

For me, I just did it the moderator's way... like just now. Winking
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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Again, did a few things.

Level Up comes up:
[Image: ddmjcf2-9c0c5052-e648-4595-a687-2d0ed96b...O-0yU0bzEU]

Made Bars bigger, added hp/sp text, and added overdrive bar:
[Image: ddmjc5i-0bafebb3-2d62-473a-b412-dea573cf...7Jh8aXtjcQ]

Hp Bar changes color based on a %:
[Image: unbenannt_by_tsunamijurai_ddmjc5q-fullvi...F4GhPVk3-c]
~Love Without Boundaries~
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Here made a video of my Battlesystem

added some more animations, added Poison and Frozen states. Can now pick out characters to use potions on and rez people.
~Love Without Boundaries~
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This is RenPy? Nice

Your voice-over actor needs to re-record. I can easily. hear an acoustical echo on his first "Heeyah!" 20 seconds in.

And POCKY? Delicious. Oh, wait. That's the enemy? I never fought Japanese cookies before.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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Done a few things.

*Valerie has now an Idle Animation and a few default skills without animation.
*Added a code that randoms between Missed and Blocked. If blocked the Character will do an animation.
*When selecting an Enemy, Ally, and Skills, the Battle Stats hides. It is also possible to cancel an action to go back to Battle menu. So if misclicked on an item or skill you can select again. Pretty handy I would say.
*When using Items and Skills now shows the Name when selecting (same reason as above to be able to cancel if misclicked)
*Added Equipment System that affects the battle.
       -Necklace and Rings can have extra stats like frozen, poison, burn immune and hp, sp, speed, atk, matk
*When hovering Enemies, will show the Enemies status.
*Enemies can now have the Burn debuff.
*Weakness and Strength are calculated in the damage.
*Enemies has a "Type" which affects damage when receiving or dealing.
*Basic Item are done.
       -an item to heal 30% hp
       -an item to heal 30% sp
       -an item to heal 100% hp and sp
       -an item that can rez allies with 50% hp and sp
       -an item that cures aliments
       -an item to increase attack
       -an item to increase defense

since cant see the equipment affects, here is a screenshot of the code:
[Image: anmerkung_2020_03_25_200732_by_tsunamiju...52eXllfqak]

[Image: anmerkung_2020_03_25_195403_by_tsunamiju...7wSdSgJcDY]
~Love Without Boundaries~
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Just done this yesterday NOW it is looking more rpgy  Winking

[Image: anmerkung_2020_03_27_082638_by_tsunamiju...HYi8jk_WUo]

Changed the behavior of the button to show the selector and added icons to Aden's Skills. Also moved the SP onto button instead of the tooltip
~Love Without Boundaries~
[Image: SP1-Designer.png]
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SO this took me all day to do...But manage to get a CD indicator going. Before the skills just disappears now the black box on icon shows cd. Now I need to think about my next goal... Thinking

[Image: ddtf2oq-c90267eb-1b3d-415a-aa12-8a6c1e6d...yUWHlkJ7Gg]
~Love Without Boundaries~
[Image: SP1-Designer.png]
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Here is an updated video on how the battlesystem works. I got the paralyze and Valeries overdrive skill working. Valerie has some animation

Also, the GUI is totally customizable! I have made 6 different colors of the GUI and can chose from the Option screen (Which is finished now)

[Image: options_by_tsunamijurai_de0r29o-pre.jpg?..._3kZuQ_2_o]
~Love Without Boundaries~
[Image: SP1-Designer.png]
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