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 Heroes of a Cosmic Empire (wip)
Hello everybody! Jay here to talk to you all about my small upcoming project...

[Image: Banner_zps1l9j1xoj.png]


You are Kahtu, top agent of the DOHAER of Almadea, a top elite mercenary group, capable of completing any job in the universe, at whatever expense, through whatever means necessary.

You are the best of the best, but soon you find yourself training a rookie, Rami. Together you are given a simple assignment: escort the Emperor's daughter to Khorintea so she can meet her secret lover. But while on Planet Imperia you come across a mysterious Lord, Heiwa Zayn, who entangles you in an intricate web of secret wars, conspiracy, and magic. You will soon be faced with an overwhelming mission:  save the universe from a power hungry tyrant bent on using the Emperor's own technology to overthrow the millennial Empire. What path will you choose?

Explore the Empire in your own ship, acquire collectibles, engage in side quests for money, reputation, and interest!

Choose a side, gather your allies, and you can either save the Cosmic Empire, or destroy it!


Kahtu (Last Name Unknown)
[Image: Kahtu_zpswum59rvp.png]
Age: 25
Occupation: DOHAER Merc
Bio: (As the playable character, Kahtu has four different origin stories that the player can choose, which can affect the course of the story)

- Imperial Born: Kahtu is the son of an Imperial Soldier, and was brought up in Planet Imperia, near the Capital City. This conditioning granted him great charismatic ability, as well as rigorous combat and Bio-Tech training. His affinity is somewhat neutral, but leans slightly towards Purity.

- Almadean Farmer: Kahtu is the youngest in a large family from the farmlands of Almadea. His father used to be a P'sidus Monk, and taught Kahtu many things about nature, spirit, healing, and cosmic connections, making him a humble and easy-going man who thinks before acting and measures his words cautiously. His affinity is towards Purity.

- Trionan Wanderer: Kahtu was found by the DOHAER in the jungles of Triona at a very young age. Without a real past, Kahtu developed an interest in Bio-Tech and physical combat. His enigmatic personality makes his affinity dubious, but leaning towards Wickedness.

- Abysmal Born: Kahtu was born to a single mother in the heart of The Abysmal City, so he had to learn to survive in the metal jungle from a very young age, learning mostly physical combat. His resentment towards society, his mother, his abandoning father, and the hardships he's overcome has made Kahtu a violent man whose affinity tilts sharply towards Wickedness.

Rami Seighas
[Image: Rami_zpshy6bust9.png]
Age: 19
Occupation: DOHAER Merc (Rookie)
Bio: Rami grew up in the tranquil fields of Palasia, but has always felt an insatiable wanderlust. She ran away from home at a young age to pursue a career in the military, but the rigurous Imperial screening processes discarded her as unfit for the force due to a low sense of patriotism. Rami is a skilled fighter, but also a humanist who sees the beauty in everything, and believes above all in second chances.

Dominic Altivo
[Image: Dominic_zpsqcevtv6x.png]
Age: 30
Occupation: Imperial Guard Elite
Bio: An honest and devoted servant of the Empire, Dominic's past is as shady as he is unyielding. Beneath his cool demeanor is a humble and charming man whose motivations have always been a mystery, even to himself. It is said that he hails from a mysterious and faraway planet without a House (what is known as "savage land"), and thus had to put twice the effort in reaching greatness. He is the Emperor's top Elite, and a master swordsman.

Mikhe Misas Sahut (Mimi)
[Image: Mimi_zpsknbecouv.png]
Age: 24
Occupation: Engineer by day, Bounty Hunter by night.
Bio: Also known as "The Long Shadow of Vlak City", Mimi, as she insists to be called, grew up alone in the mean, lawless metal mazes of Vlak City in planet Khorintea. She paid for a university education by stealing, dancing, and doing odd jobs for crime bosses in the undercity, a past she is not proud of. She works at the massive Crisas Factories by day, but by night she becomes a type of vigilante, who terrorizes the out-of-control gangs of Vlak City. As a vigilante, she is known for her strange fashion and constant use of Bio-Tech.


100% Original soundtrack!

The game features a morality system and a personality system. These decide the course of the game through your interactions with NPC's. They also define which abilities you are able to learn, and how your teammates interact with you.

A trust system, which determines your relationship with your team members. (Personality and Morality affect this)

Choose between Charismatic, Humble, Enigmatic, or Violent personalities. Personality types only affect NPC interaction and some skills, like Persuasion or Intimidation, but not the course of the story.

Choose between Purity and Wickedness. Morality can affect NPC's interaction, team member trust, and skills you can learn, as well as the course of the story.

Different Origin stories, which you can pick, affect the course of the game as well.

ATB Sideview Battle System. (Script by Atoa. ACBS)

A dynamic skill learning system, in which both your affinity to Purity or Wickedness, as well as your personality, can affect. Skills (or Bio-Tech) can be bought with TEC points, which some of the more powerful enemies can leave behind. Every character has individual skills that your personality can't affect.

A Lockpicking, Persuasion, Intimidation, and Engineering system. Use lockspikes to open closed doors and chests, convince NPCs with Persuasion, Intimidate an NPC, and fix broken machines and computers with the Engineering skill.

Neat visual equipments (Your character won't look the same with different armors, and it definitely looks weird with nothing on!)
Visual equipments in battle. (ACBS)

A rich lore and an intricate backstory, as well as character development side missions.

[Image: snap7_zps2jo97th6.png]

[Image: snap3_zps9rbto9sd.png]

[Image: snap2_zpsxwfc4k1q.png]

[Image: snap9_zpskcijorur.png]

[Image: snap5_zps7t0lrhbt.png]

[Image: snap6_zps7wx898lz.png]


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Demo will be available, hopefully, by the end of March. It will include 2 Hours (Aproximately) of gameplay.
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(03-03-2017, 07:26 PM)jreagan406 Wrote: [UPDATE]

Demo will be available, hopefully, by the end of March. It will include 2 Hours (Aproximately) of gameplay.

That's wonderful!
The game looks pretty cool so far, excited to see what the demo is like  Blushing + Cheery
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I look forward to seeing the awesomeness!
[Image: yy7iKKb.png]

Currently working on Goblin Gulch (MV)
Currently working on JayVinci Resurrection
Currently working on Bakin ABS (BAKIN)
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Recent developments considered.... The demo might be coming out sooner than expected! Keep your ears to the ground, people!
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