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 Area 99
*Phew! I didn't lose much, by terms of things, but upon restarting, I did lose Actor, Class, Items, Weapons, Armors, data. I easily brought that back from destruction. I kept the graphics files for the characters, so I still have those. Lastly, I readded the Lycan ABS scripts I was going to use. So those are back too, except I will have to redo HUD positions again. I also lost the HUD graphics, not that it matters now, I got a different IDE for I'll be doing with the HUD this time.

Now since that's fixed, I'm going to make new HUD graphics and re position the HUD differently than before. Because I felt like it.
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Finally. I made a sprite of this character. This character is named Kitara. Mainly, I necrosprited a couple of Kita concepts that came from my other project, Memorie, as well as a character concept from that same project (the arms have a transparent-ish see through sleeve), as well as an RTP.... skirt.. I think?

.png   Kitara Preview.png (Size: 1.24 KB / Downloads: 61)

.png   Kitara (Side).png (Size: 1.06 KB / Downloads: 61)

.png   Kitara (Back).png (Size: 1.05 KB / Downloads: 61)

That means that all four characters that are the four main middle scholars in the story have been made.

.png   All four characters together.png (Size: 46.4 KB / Downloads: 7)

Still working on the HUD and planning it. I may just do a minor tweak on it this time, as a lot of it is where It seems to be good.
I'm going to 8-bitize her too... somehow, as I planned her to have a Hacking Skill which will become handy throughout the game.
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Hehey! It's been a bit. So I decided to make the map, which will later include a Request Board of some sort.

.png   Team 4 Quarters.png (Size: 61.95 KB / Downloads: 11)

It's currently unfinished, due to just making the map and not setting passability settings and such on the tileset at the moment. But that'll change soon.
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Hrrrm....... >:( It appears that my projects are on hold until my PC finds the C Drive (C:\) again. Until then, I'll be trying to fix this teeny tiny PC issue as soon as I possibly can.
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PC is (sort of) fixed, it can find both drives now, so I'll be resuming all but one of my projects.
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I hate to ask.... which one isn't being resumed? Sad
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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(05-22-2017, 04:20 AM)DerVVulfman Wrote: I hate to ask.... which one isn't being resumed?  Sad

The one that's been on hold until the coming October.
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.png   New Kitara Preview.png (Size: 3.02 KB / Downloads: 4)

I gave Kitara a pair of pants under that skirt.

That's pretty much it for now.
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Not much has been done, except that I made icons for the Mousie script to try to match the GUI scheme. I'm also trying some other additions, like bringing the Minimap back.
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I'm starting to think about asking someone to make sprites instead, mainly because of this comical thing.

.jpg   WP_20170812_22_40_52_Pro.jpg (Size: 1.47 MB / Downloads: 6)

I'm pretty sure that's not how shooting a gun would work.

Then again... I'll just save that comical shot for revolvers and other magnum pistol weapons, and do another one.
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