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 Infinity Wars
So some of you may have noticed me mention Infinity Wars quite a bit lately. Lemme bring up my sales pitch. lol

A lil mood music!

[Image: 3RdQ8Ve.gif] [Image: fRnlFtp.gif]

[Image: 2cBrT4o.gif] [Image: 0K9RBbV.gif]

First and foremost the game is just absolutely beautiful. Every card, every effect, every everything is animated. These pictures that I just showed you aren't special promos, they're actually cards (all of which I have by the way).

Part of what makes this game what it is, is the atmosphere. And what adds more to the atmosphere than the tabletop you're playing on?

The Battlefields.

Many card games have great game mechanics, but very few give you the full package and add great aesthetics too. Like I said before, it's not just the game but also the atmosphere of it all.

Now as for the actual game itself it stands out from the crowd a bit too. In most games you have an attack phase and a defend phase and each player takes their turn, right? In Infinity Wars you have simultaneous turns. There's a hidden plan where where each player sorts their cards out, and as soon as both players hit "end turn" the combat resolves all at once on both attacking and defending sides.

Another thing this game has are commanders. You may choose three cards from your deck to act as commanders and you can only play cards based on what commanders you have.

Each faction also gets an "unlimited character" which plays to that factions strengths. Unlimited characters as you can imagine are your main army, while unique and rare characters get to act as commanders.

Something that tends to kill a lot of games is pay2win, even with in-game currency, right? Infinity Wars found a way around that. There is a merged deck mode where as the name might suggest: Both players merge their decks together and play from one shared pool. Other guy has a rare powerful card in his deck? Not anymore. Now you have a chance to draw it too!

But the most important thing, the factions right?

Flaming Dawn

[Image: 7R6fx7f.png]

The militaristic faction. They focus on speed and quick swift blitz strikes. It generally takes 1 turn before playing a card and being able to use it, most of their cards played immediately and some even have double strike.

Many of their strategies revolve around hitting the other guy while his defenses are down. Their unlimited character has Charge (can be played immediately) and only costs 1 resource, you do the math.

Cult of Verore

[Image: YGxu5Tp.png]

The crazy magic faction. They have a lot more magic cards at their disposal than the other factions, mostly offensive battle magic, a good portion of them even have insta-kills.

Their unlimited character gets stronger with each new kill, so most of their strategies involve slowly fattening up their ranks and then unleashing a monstrosity onto the battlefield.


[Image: nmxgA1e.png]

The furry faction. They focus solely on brute savage strength and survivability on the battlefield. A few of their good cards can stand up to many of the other faction's best cards.

While the other faction's unlimited character has an ability to go along with it, Warpath's unlimited makes up for it with superior stats.

Genesis Industries

[Image: dUGlJ31.png]

The machine faction. They're not the strongest faction but they have a lot of cards that grow more powerful over time. They have a lot of "projects" that require you to sacrifice your weaker cards to "build" more powerful ones.

Pretty much all their strategies revolve their unlimited character's ability to repair/raise their other characters. As long as a few survive you can have a nearly limitless defensive wall and wait out for you more powerful cards to reach their peak.

Sleeper of Avarrach

[Image: R21MRC3.png]

The zombie faction. Overwhelming huge swarms is the name of the game here. And what's a zombie without converting the dead, right? Many of their cards will have you stealing your enemies creatures and using them against their former teammates.

The more of them you kill the stronger they become. That's pretty much all of Avarach's unlimited in a nutshell. Almost all their strategies involve the graveyard in one way or another.

Descendands of the Dragon

[Image: aXNX4I4.png]

The spiritual faction. They have an interesting tactic of victory through defense rather than offense. Most of their cards have twice as much defense as they do offense, the polar opposite to most of Flaming Dawn's cards. And like with Flaming Dawn's "charge" Dragon cards can be played instantly but into defense rather than offense.

Their unlimited card pretty much caps on their prime strategy of simply saddening your opponent to death with a smug superiority.


[Image: v5k6xZy.png]

The demon faction. They focus almost entirely on sheer dumb luck and chaotic chance. Many of their cards have unpredictable effects, good and bad, even for you.

Most of their strategies will have you discarding cards in order to unleash their full value, much like their unlimited character. 4/4 now or 6/6 later, you take that gamble.

Overseers of Solice

[Image: 2BySLVU.png]

The angel faction. They just recently came out with the latest expansion and their sole purpose is to counter the every growing danger of the zombie faction. Many of their cards punish graveyards.

As with their unlimited character a lot of their cards have flying. As you can imagine flying is quite a powerful ability and is a pain in the ass to deal with.


[Image: z79YQt0.png] [Image: AD7kzYB.png]

Factionless cards don't really have any one sort of strength or weakness, they cover everything from all sorts of strategies.

Their unlimited cards can often be useful by themselves or to complement the powers of the other factions.

So there you go ladies and gentlemen. If you like what you saw, and if you like card games, I highly recommend you check this one out. You can either get it through steam or their website, choice is yours. (I play through steam fyi.)

[Image: IMG28-1336331545.gif]
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