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 Your username is now a drug.
Be it pharmaceutical, hard street drugs, an alcohol, cigs, whatever. Give a description of how it looks like, side effects, price per amount, addiction rate, and how it's used/produced.



[Image: 6696gbu.jpg]

Green Raven is the name given to a powerful potion used by the neo-druids of the emerald cult. The potent drug helps to focus your mind and amplify the natural magic abilities within. Users have been known to:
  • See at great distances even at night.
  • Have visions of future events.
  • Gaze into other dimensions.
  • Able to speak any language including animal speech.
  • Accelerate their mind to a point where it seems time has stopped.
  • On rare occasions fire destructive beams out of their eyes.
This powerful remedy is 100% organically herbal and thus completely safe from any form of addiction, but it's manufacturing process is a well guarded secret. The druids do not generally sell this potion but are willing to barter for trinkets of sentimental value.
[Image: IMG28-1336331545.gif]
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A binary drug distributed via the bittorrent protocol or the pacman package manager, most dealers accept bitcoins or dogecoins. Taken to improve ones ability to perform various miracle hacks within any field of programming; unfortunately it does not grant any real mastery of any programming language.

Possible side effects include addiction to linux, an uncontrollable need to recompile your kernel numerous times for insignificant reasons, and a virulent hatred for C#, .net, directx, and Microsoft.
[Image: cautionary.png]
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The Tigs:

A malt liquor that makes you a jack-of-all-trades for a day. Making every skill the same.
However, it makes you near impossible to sleep and makes you utterly lazy the next day.

Addictive only in the sense that you hope drinking more won't make you as lazy the next day.

Now at the local supermarket for €49.99!
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Klam- you see dragons, and then you fucking die
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(05-19-2014, 07:20 PM)KasperKalamity Wrote: Klam- you see dragons, and then you fucking die
Fucking die or die fucking? XD
[Image: cautionary.png]
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Phosphorus Fox, classified as highly toxic, totally illegal and way up there on the "omfg wtf" scale.
You take the pill and the effects start immediately - it burns all the way down to your stomach. Then the fun begins. Everything turns purple. You laugh a bit... Then it melts your insides and you die.
But maaan it feels good.
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