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 Damnit, Mummy Podcast
Damnit Mummy as a youtube project isn't working out. my camera doesn't want to cooperate, and my extras are all over the place. I was thinking instead of doing some sort of podcast thing. when i hang out with my friends, we drink, smoke, and give each other headaches from the funny stuff we come up with. usually, i turn on my voice recorder, and stick my phone somewhere inconspicuous to get all the funny stuff down as it happens, instead of not remembering it later. im going to start posting them if people think they're funny.

Episode 1: We give each ourselves headaches while Mike takes a dump, and we wait for Courtney the Boozepony.At around 30mins, I put my recorder in my pocket, so it's kind of muffled. after that there are some jumps where i had to edit out the pants ruffling noise.

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if you're the one person who downloaded it, check out episode 2 at
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