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 School of Magics
this is currently a bump.

Apparently my Laptop has an slowness issue and needs to be reformatted, that means that development is, again, on hiatus until I reformat the old thing. Good news is that the project is in my One Drive storage so that I can continue once it's reformatted. Until then I will be downloading and getting resources for the game, as the standard RTP doesn't have much in terms of chip sets, or whatever they are.
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Just a little update from the situation I had from the last post. The laptop is reformatted, and is doing some important updates, after the updates, I'll have things running better than before. Also I'm thinking of adding a card mini game, whether it be solitaire, poker, or some sort of card game like magic the gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh.
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Got updates finished, sort of, and the program is working. However... I think I accidentally deleted the game project. That means, even though I did little progress with it in the first place, I'll have to start fresh. Well, back to script hunting since I lost the scripts I was going to use.
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As much as I hate to say it, the project is cancelled, mainly by not getting any motivation to continue.  Sorry... T.T  Maybe the next project I'll plan may have a different outcome.
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