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 Llyven - (Official Legacy Studios Project)
[Image: Llyvenlogo.png]
For many years, the duchy of Hohen Llyvenhagen has enjoyed peace and prosperity, under the wise rule of it's Duke;
but with doom on the horizon, will it live to see tomorrow?

This is a small project that Legacy and I decided to undertake in order to get back in the swing of things.
We're doing as much as we can together. :3
Llyven will eventually serve as the first game to be released on Legacy's Enigma Engine.

[Image: Llyvenstory.png]
Hohen Llyvenhagen is a city nestled deep in the Welsh mountains. It was
formed when germanic settlers forged a truce with the indigneous tribes
many hundreds of years ago. Due to it's location, Llyvenhagen is rarely
bothered by threats... Until a new enemy appeared.

The unknown enemy besieged the castle overnight. It was the brave and valliant
efforts of the five knighthoods of Llyvenhagen, led by their captain,
Kaiser, that led them to victory. Though no official name was given to
the enemy, the citizens came to know them as the Kobold.
Since their narrow defeat at the siege, the Kobold have sent small raiding parties to
attack Llyvenhagen, all fended off by the knighthoods.

Hedge Gwyn is a knight in the 4th knighthood of Llyvenhagen; and tonight, He's on patrol duty.

[Image: Llyvencharacters.png]

[Image: Hedgechar.png]

[Image: Elenachar-1.png]

[Image: Fritzchar.png]

[Image: Dukechar-1.png]

[Image: Kaizerchar.png]

[Image: Nynevechar.png]
[Image: Llyvenfeats.png]

An innovative yet classic storyline; intentional yet subtle clich├ęs to revive the feelings you thought lost to modernized stories.
Engage in the changing environments. Go from a vivid, colourful city, into dark, twisted forests and dungeons.
One man Combat system, utilising a never before seen mechanic. Details will be posted at a later date.
One man Menu system - Created by Legacy.
Custom soundtrack - Composed by yours truly.
Visual novel style cutscenes, and custom facesets.
Custom Sprites - Hand-drawn by Leongon

[Image: Llyvenscreens.png]


[Image: Llyvenconceptart.png]

Bark Centipede Queen
[Image: Llyvenenemies.png]

Here I'll post some ideas for enemies or bosses. I'll try to keep it spoiler
free, but if I get excited about an idea, I'll mark it accordingly.

The Bark Centipede

Black Undines

[Image: Llyvenmusic.png]
Now we're talkin'. Here are some samples of the pieces I've composed for this project.
They're only short samples. Enough for you to get the gist of them.
I will add more pieces, complete or remastered to this list.

Main theme
Hedge's theme
Llyvenhagen Castle
Under Fire
Enter the Fray(Battle music)
Encounter! Bark Centipede Queen!

[Image: Llyvencreds.png]

So far we have...

Legacy - Scripts and more

Zackwell - Story, Soundtrack, Foley artist, Logos and Headers (And probably more).

Leongon - Character artwork and facesets.

I daresay we'll add more to the credits, should the need arise.

[Image: Llyvensupport.png]

To support this project, just add this pretty little userbar to your signature! :3
[Image: 311322138375.png]
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Wow good looking game!
I'll def be following the progress. :)
Reply }

Piece of OST for you, fellows.
Reply }
Oh this does look to be quite snazzy. <3
Reply }
A momentous occasion.
I am now posting Concept art in the thread!
Check just below the screenshots section to find it!
Reply }
looks great like all of the legacy studio games ^^
hope one of them gets a demo in the next time...
go on !
Reply }
Looking sexeh!
Reply }
More concept art! I've also linked the Boss battle theme "Encounter! Bark Centipede Queen!"
Reply }
This looks awesome!
"Go wherever your heart takes you...but not that way."
Reply }
Color me impressed. Unique art style, great metagame (menu, dialogue) graphics, and the music is definitely thorough. What program(s) was used to make the tracks? Very realistic vst's.
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