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 New upcoming project: Final Distance
Hello everybody! As you see here I'm making a new game called "Final Distance." The inspiration was from a music called Final Distance. I bet you all know it already. Anyways, moving on to the good stuff...Oh and by the way, this game is very similar to Xenosaga Episode 3. This is an RPG Maker VX Game.

The story of the game Final Distance starts after these creatures called the Unversed who attacked the place called Lost Jerusalem. A boy named Shion has resigned from Scientia Industries after learning that the company is deeply connected to the appearance of the Unversed. She instead joins Vector, an underground organization working to unveil Scientia's secrets in order to bring them down. Uncover the truth and save mankind in the finale of the Final Distance which boasts over a great storyline, an updated battle system, and an improved battle system feature with more in-depth character skills and diversification and higher rewards for entering bonus mode.

Shion Uzoni
The main character and hero of this story. He is a very upbeat and pleasant person, and this is admirable as she has had some very traumatic experiences in her life, some of which are more significant than she could have ever realized.

Myst Rengoki
A very cute and shy woman. She has the appearance of a little girl.

Kestrel Allen
Kestrel is a person who's just like Shion. She's also very upbeat and pleasant, always ready to go things.

Those are the people I have so far.

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Um....this is the Resource Request forum. I think you probably want Upcoming Projects or whatnot if this is just an announcement.
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Is this some kind of Xenosaga fan game?
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I moved to Upcoming Projects from the Resource Request forum. I took care of the duplicate as well.
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