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"Sunrise On Another Moon"
I palyed the 1st ZOE years ago. The combat is insane and fast. The weapons and powers are the type I love. 2 player versus mode was strangely done in the 1st game, but I had fun with it. To me it's one of those games that make you look cool even if you have no idea what you're doing. lol.
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You guys are awesome for knowing of it. : D

Well, thank you Metal for making music that reminds us all of its awesomeness. Now, go find Konami and tell them yer composin' for the third game. Muahah. >=D
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Hahah... I wish. T_T
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Hey guys, remember this single I made?

Well I've been working on it, trying to build it into a concept album... so here are the first 2 tracks:

You know the first track, but the 2nd is new. :)
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